Ammonia: use in the kitchen

Many probably more than once faced such problem as the need to clean the oven after regular cooking. That is the ammonia quickly and efficiently cope with this task.

Preheat oven to 65 ° C, and then turn off (best to do this procedure at night). Next, pour a half Cup of ammonia and put it in the oven on top grill. At the same time, the lower you should place the pan with thick walls and pour boiling water. Close the oven and leave it until morning.

In the morning, be sure to ventilate the oven and carefully rinse it with a solution of soap and water, then rinse with clean running water and dry everything with a clean cloth.

How to destroy insects in the house with ammonia

Another unique property of ammonia is that it is an indispensable assistant in the fight against household pests. In order to get rid of, for example, from ants, try the following method: dissolve in 1 l water 100 ml. ammonia and wipe all surfaces in the house with this structure. Of course, ammonia smell, but it fades very quickly.

It will also efficiently handle the ammonia and with the invasion of mosquitoes or black flies while camping – handle the tool location of your picnic, then peace will be guaranteed.

Elimination of unpleasant smells

Your house is permeated by tobacco smoke or the smell of paint? Fix is simple enough: squeeze a small amount of ammonia in the plates and arrange them in all the rooms. Very soon you will notice that your house is no more repulsive smells.

Clean gold jewelry with ammonia

If your gold ring or chain darkened, do not despair. Here again will help ammonia: dilute 100g. ammonia in 250 gr. hot water and lower back gold product for some time. But in any case, do not use this composition for cleaning pearls!

In addition, ammonia water can be used for cleansing rag shoes from dirt, stains organic nature, or heating oil. Not less effective to cleanse this tool, furniture, clothes, curtains, etc.

Ammonia and cottage

Fans grow a variety of flowers, tomatoes, cucumbers and other crops also does not hurt to use ammonia. Just dilute 50 ml of ammonia in 4 l of cool water and pour over plants, then they will long please you with its attractive and healthy appearance.

By the way, in this case you can combine business with pleasure: to fertilize plants and to get rid of a variety of midges and other midges in the house.