Basic and intermediate hosts are bovine tapeworm

Beef tapeworm consists of a head, neck and strobell (segments). Characteristics of the helminth is the presence of 4 suckers on the head, each segment of the reproductive system. Mature segments have a uterus, they're filled with oncospheres (eggs) in the amount of up to 150 pieces

The final host of bullish tapeworm - a person whose organism is a parasite a sexually Mature adult. Tapeworm segments can crawl out and move on the body of the patient. The person produces eggs of helminths in the environment with the faeces. Intermediate hosts of bovine tapeworm is cattle, wild animals (deer, Buffalo, etc.). Animals are infected with oncospheres while eating grass hay.

The development cycle of the bovine tapeworm

The development cycle of the bovine tapeworm following. Bovine tapeworm eggs fall into the environment with human faeces from eggs, oncospheres come out, they are based on grass, hay, soil). Oncospheres are quite resistant to environmental factors and is able to withstand low temperatures. However, they die at temperatures 29-37 o C and under the action of ultraviolet rays.

Animals infected with oncospheres, eating grass, hay contaminated with feces. In the animal body from oncospheres are larvae, they enter into the blood vessels through the intestinal wall, are carried throughout the body and deposited in the intermuscular connective tissue elements or muscle tissue, where reach maturity in 4-5 months. and become dangerous to humans. The lifespan of Mature larvae in the bodies of intermediate hosts is 8-9 months old. after that, they die.

The mechanism of infestation human bullish tapeworm - alimentary. Route of infection - nutritional. Infestation occurs through raw or insufficiently heat-treated meat, which contains the Mature larvae of the helminth. When injected into the human body, the larvae attach themselves to mucosa of duodenum 12, where they formed Mature individuals. Duration of parasitism bovine tapeworm in humans is about 20 years old.

Worms provokes the development of beef tapeworm infection, characterized by a chronic course. The disease affects the upper gastrointestinal tract. The symptoms of the disease include General weakness, fatigue, malaise, headache dizziness. Vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain of an uncertain nature, unstable stool, erratic appetite (reduction can dramatically change its elevation). Infected with beef tapeworm infection for others not contagious, dangerous are only Mature larvae developed in the body of an intermediate host.