Work order

To shorten the sleeves of a shirt is quite simple. Because it has no padding like a jacket. You will need thread, safety pins, sewing machine, scissors.

To begin, you must determine the new length sleeve. To do this, put on your shirt and stand in front of a mirror. Fold the sleeve as far as necessary. Measure the excess length, or a centimeter ruler. For example, you can get extra 6 cm On the sleeve mark the level at which it is to be cut. Now fold the second sleeve. Kill safety pins length to hold it. Preen before the mirror and look at yourself from different angles. After all, you need to make sure that the length suits you. Now take off your shirt and get to work.

Turn the shirt inside out and lay it on the table. Align each sleeve and how their pins at the bottom. To trim the edges exactly, however, in the same way the fabric of the sleeves. Now measure the desired distance from the edge and swipe the dotted line. Leave for allowances of 1.5 cm to 3 cm.

Cut the sleeve with sharp scissors, taking account of the seam. Fold the edge of the sleeve to a distance allowance and a keen thread. After Promethea both sleeves, prostrochite seams on the machine.

Useful tips

If you have a serger, then allowances will be enough 1,5 cm And if not, leave allowances more fabric, so will have to tuck the sleeve 2 times. Besides, can you handle the sleeves on the machine zigzag stitching.

If you can not handle cropped sleeves, podhisita them twice. The distance at which you tuck the sleeves must be the same. Before you stitch the seams on the machine, put a shirt on again, and check the length of the sleeves.

To mark the new length of the sleeves, use chalk or a remnant. Spend the usual dotted line. Then these lines on the fabric can easily be washed off.

In order for the new ACC turned out neat and smooth, produite basted sleeves. Only then can you lay the line on the sewing machine.

If you believe that a particular model of shirt machine line isn't perfect, sleeves hem a hidden seam. To do this, pass the thread a needle and make a stitch to the tucked fabric. Then grab only one or two strings on the sleeve and again make a stitch on the fabric is bent twice. So, you have a seam, which will not be visible from the front side. Double-ACC the sleeves are not appropriate if the shirt fabric is very thick.