The most simple hairstyle

One of the most stylish, but at the same time very practical hairstyles – pin part of the hair, leaving the rest loose. For this you need to gather top section of hair and pin it back. You can use various hair clips and Bobby pins or a thin scrunchie. This hairstyle looks feminine and beautiful, but allows you to create different variations. Curl hair with tongs, creating elegant curls and securing them with varnish for packing, and then collect the hair with the right selection of clothing so you can go any place: from work to the theater.

If you prefer to remove all the hair, this also has plenty of opportunities. It is now a popular Greek hairstyle". This requires a special elastic band on the head. Put it on and gather the hair back separate strands, wrapping around the elastic and removing the inside, under it. It is very feminine and fashionable. Plus, this hairstyle is in its universality. Like the previous one, it will suit for any occasion.

Despite the fact that shoulder-length hair not allow you to collect a high ponytail, a hairstyle that would be as practical and simple it can be to do with their hands. Is the low beam. Gather your hair into a low ponytail and secure with elastic, then twist the hair in a plait and wrap around the elastic. Secure this hair with Bobby pins. If short hair out, use a hairnet.

Curls are the easiest hairstyle for medium length hair. This styling is done in a few minutes. Curl individual strands from a person with tongs or Curling irons and secure the curls with mousse or styling foam – that's all! This stylish and neat hairstyle that is easy to do when little time.

More complex and creative hairstyles

Experiment with braids. These hairstyles are well kept, they are varied and original. French braids look very nice with any type of hair and appearance. Braid his hair blond braid, starting small and gradually adding strands of hair on the go hairstyles. You can do framing braid. You can make a few small braids coming from the front of the hair back, pin them at the nape of the neck and back of the hair curl. So you get a lush hair.

If you want to look stylish, you can also use fleece. This element creates volume and allows hair done in the style of the 50s, which is now very fashionable. For this necesite the hair on the crown, lay back, and then cover the top and sides and secure the hair. If desired, this hairstyle can be done on all hair, gathering them up.