When not to warm up the ear

Warm the ear with otitis media can not in all cases. To do this without prior consultation with a doctor is strictly prohibited. This is due to the fact that medium and external otitis may be accompanied by purulent secretions. If any, to carry out warming procedure in any case impossible. Only a doctor can determine the presence of purulent inflammation in the ear canal. Even if pus is not visible in the ear canal, it does not mean that he does not accumulate more deeply in the ear.

Inadmissible heating of the ear of the high temperature of the body. In contrast to inflammatory processes, the presence of elevated body temperature can be determined independently. Contraindications can serve and increased blood sugar levels, blood pressure and disorders in the thyroid gland.

How to warm up the ear with otitis media

If there is otitis media, warming the ear is possible only at the stage of treatment or at an early stage. If the disease is in full swing, the doctor never prescribe such a procedure. At this stage it can only cause problems and cause another large purulent processes.

When the disease has just started, you can use table salt. Very effective alcohol compresses. For cooking, it is necessary in the iron bowl to mix one part vodka and three parts honey. Warming up is best done at night before bedtime. During the procedure and afterwards should keep your head and neck warm. Perfect warm wool scarf.

Heating pad will also help get a good warm ear. However, it is necessary to pour water at a temperature not exceeding 55oC with. Too high water temperature in the heater, bring only harm. Applying a heating pad to the ear better by wrapping it first in several layers of cheesecloth.

At the stage of treatment you can use another effective remedy. In the vernacular it is called "cake". For its preparation you will need: rye flour, rubbing alcohol or vodka and honey in equal amounts. In a bowl in a water bath all ingredients are kept about half an hour until the dough thickens. After that, the gauze, pre-folded in several layers, laid out the dough and forms a small pellet. Apply it to a sore ear, covering the top with something warm, that warmth is preserved as long as possible. This compress can be kept for as long as the cake cools.