Why is it important to know the drying time of the Wallpaper

When planning the repair must consider not only the estimated time of work with a particular material, but also the period during which the new coating dries up completely. Carefully read the instructions for use that are on each roll of Wallpaper, and remember there time.

Materials of different varieties and from different manufacturers can vary and the drying time. Use for gluing non-woven Wallpaper the brand and type of adhesive, designed specifically for this material. If you take other adhesive, you can be sure that Wallpaper will be okay, and that they dry out strictly within the specified period.

Wet Wallpaper much heavier dry. If you are not waiting for the readiness of the coverage starts to apply paint, Wallpaper together with a new layer of finishing material will simply fall off from the wall.

Throughout the period allotted for the drying of non-woven Wallpaper, the room can not be doing other work, it is impossible to ventilate the room or to conduct a forced drying. Especially harmful to wet the Wallpaper draught glue dries quickly is unacceptable and fails to concatenate the two surfaces. As a result, the Wallpaper or fall "fur coat", or peel at the edges.

How much and how dry non-woven Wallpaper

In ideal conditions, the non-woven Wallpaper should dry not less than a day after gluing the last piece. The temperature in the room must be maintained in the region of 15-30oC. And then a lower (but not lower than +5) will only contribute to a longer drying time, while higher can cause peeling Wallpaper.

Rarely, but it happens that the producers write the time of drying, depending on conditions in the room. But even with this information, do not hurry to continue the repair work. Knowledgeable people are advised to wait at least three days after sticking non-woven Wallpaper.

For example, staining the Wallpaper or the installation of stretch ceiling dramatically change the microclimate in the room. And any significant change in humidity, temperature and air movement can lead to unpleasant creases at the joints of the Wallpaper.

Try not to go in the room for two days, because the breeze from the open door, which you will not notice, can ruin all the work on pasting. After this time in the recommended conditions to continue the repairs in the room with a new non-woven Wallpaper.