What is polyethylene?

Polyethylene is a widely used polymer of white color, easily amenable to thermoplastic processing. In addition, it has a number of amazing properties that make it indispensable in many industries.

The polyethylene proved to be resistant to alkalis, organic acids, concentrated hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids. This allows manufacture of a variety of piping for use in aggressive environments. It is quite resistant to radioactive radiation and at the same time harmless. The working temperature range of the polyethylene ranges from minus 80 to plus 100 ° C.

The world of packaging

It is quite clear that such a cheap and technological material has found its application as a packaging. The only downside of the packaging made of polyethylene – resistance to breakage. On the other hand, the polyethylene can be easily recycled again, which saves raw materials for its production.

For a long time manufacturers have abandoned paper and cardboard packaging, opting for plastic film, which not only provides a high degree of safety, but also allows you to easily automate the process of packaging.

The secrets of plastic bag

In addition to films, for the packaging of widely used plastic bags. It's the same plastic film, only made in the form of the finished product.

Here it is necessary to stop separately on the methods of production of the film, and packages from her. Plastic film is manufactured on special machines-extruders. The output is a kind of pipe that is ready for further use. Depending on the potential purpose, the film can be produced both painted and natural white.

If necessary, on the surface of the plastic package is applied to the image normal printing method. However, plastic bags of various shapes and appointments are made on a special high-performance machines.

Depending on the program and the appropriate equipment, they can make regular packages, packages-t-shirts, bags with cut handles and others. In the production of often use these machines in automatic lines where the packages are immediately applied to the image.