Don't lose your passport

Once you've discovered that your passport had disappeared, immediately contact a passport office with the statement for loss. Don't waste your time: there is a danger that you will apply for a loan that you will have to pay. The fraudsters don't need to do anything special, they have in the Arsenal in so many ways. Your passport can be issued consumer credit, credit card or cash loan.

A small amount

Why is this happening? It's very simple. The employees of the Bank must compare the photo in the passport with a client who is in front of him. But often this simply does not happen, especially when loans are issued not in the Bank, and in small offices. Credit managers receive a fee from each approved loan, so on some points in the instructions they forget. And if the person in the passport is a little similar to the face of a scammer, he filed a credit application even more confident. In addition, some scammers pasted in his passport photo. Managers are not even aware that they are being deceived. Such situations occur in the case of registration of the credit for the goods or a small amount in microfinance institutions. Easy to get a credit card on a foreign passport. The scheme of work of the same criminals. One passport can apply for two or three of the loan agreement.

Collusion with the Bank employee

To take the credit in serious Bank for a large sum – a task more difficult. You need to have an appearance identical to that in the document, and to intercept calls to Bank employees at work, at home, relatives of the passport holder. Of course, theoretically, cheating is possible, but it is not feasible. If you suspect that the security personnel performed a thorough inspection, during which they can ring all the phone numbers of the client and his family or meet with him personally.

But if the fraudster is colluding with Bank employees to take a loan using someone else's passport becomes easier. From applying for a loan client has only one employee of the Bank. Checking the passport, he returns it and sends copies to the archive. There is a danger that copies of the document, it will take with another person. However, such cases are extremely rare thanks to the good organization of control and security in the banking system. In any case, vigilance does not need to lose.