Diathesis — a tendency to inflammatory and allergic reactions. Most often it is manifested in children in the form of redness of the cheeks. It is not a disease but merely a manifestation of the tendency to allergies to certain foods.

The main reason of Allergy is the disorder of the bowel, reducing its protective function. This happens due to the fact that children's bodies are underdeveloped and do not have time to develop the necessary enzymes.

The first symptom is a rash redness of the cheeks, and similar rashes all over the body. Also can appear rash on the ulnar and popliteal folds on the neck and hands.

In addition to simple redness can form a small crust. They mostly appear if you comb redness.

The main reason of Allergy is the wrong food.
If you receive diathesis in an infant, you should pay attention to nutrition of the mother.

Also diathesis can be a chronic predisposition. In this case, by medical study to determine "forbidden" foods and exclude them from power.

In order to minimize the discomfort from a rash, you should get rid of the pop spots. Of course, getting rid of them, it is impossible to speak about full recovery, because the itchy spots are only manifestations of diathesis. For complete cure it is necessary to find and eliminate the cause.

Remedy # 1 from redness, itching and flaking is ointment. Modern medicine has developed many different gels, creams and much more, to alleviate the effects of allergies.

As diathesis is manifested mainly in childhood, then you should use drugs very carefully.

The most effective ointments are considered to be hormonal. They have a small dose of hormones.

Elokom - ointment with anti-inflammatory effect. Helps eliminate rash and itching. Within a few days, you should apply it on the affected areas with a thin layer. To apply this ointment can be no longer than 7 days.

Celestoderm ointment which is suitable for children from 6 months, has anti-inflammatory and anti-Allergy effect. The profusion and frequency of application depends on the condition of the skin. No more than 3 times per day, duration of use not more than 6 days.

In the medical market also presents non-hormonal ointments. From their list, doctors often recommend "Dimedrolum-zinc paste."

This paste is prepared in the pharmacy of zinc paste and alcoholic solution of Dimedrol. It effectively helps heal wounds and eliminates redness. The paste is applied on affected areas with a thin layer 2 times a day.

For more effective treatment, consult your doctor.