Colloid goiter is not a disease that leads to terrible consequences. In the case that put such a diagnosis, and the node does not increase in size, to get rid of it is not needed, because its presence does not affect the quality of life. When a colloid goiter is assigned the degree 1, therefore, require monitoring by an endocrinologist once a year to carry out monitoring ultrasound and blood analysis of hormones and surgical intervention is not always appropriate.
Formed colloid thyroid nodule alone is not absorbed, it does not disappear, and often is not going away. But it is necessary to control its size (so they are not increased). To prevent the person recommended to use iodized salt and doctor prescribed medications. Pregnant and lactating women, after prior consultation with a specialist, you can also take iodine in the form of medicines to protect the thyroid gland from possible disruptions in its functioning.
Often in diseases of the thyroid gland, increased blood pressure, appears palpitations and increased anxiety. In order to deal with these problems and to identify the source of illness, you must see a therapist and to exclude the presence of any disease (hypertension or ischemic heart disease) not associated with the formation of colloid goiter. Approach to treatment in any case must be complex and only after a thorough and complete examination.
When colloidal goiter can be applied drug therapy (with thyroid hormone), therapy with radioactive iodine and surgical treatment. Therapy with thyroid hormone medication (L-T4) is mainly aimed at the suppression of TSH secretion, which often leads to a reduction in the size of the colloid formation and the total volume of the thyroid gland. Surgical treatment of goiter is only necessary in case of visible cosmetic defect or discomfort as a result of significant increase in size. Therapy with radioactive iodine (131I) is used as an alternative to surgical intervention and is performed for the same indications. The correct selection of doses of iodine allows to achieve reduction of the goiter by 30 - 80% of its total volume.