Muscovy ducks are found on many farmsteads. It is unpretentious, quiet and hardy birds that rarely have problems. Indoda she prepares a nest and breeds twice a year. But sometimes owners are faced with a problem: indoda doesn't want to sit on eggs. Why is this happening and what to do?

Indoda won't sit on eggs: causes

There are several reasons for this behavior indotec. First, it is the age of the bird: she is still too young for breeding offspring, or, conversely, old.

Secondly, poor diet and poor conditions of detention. Summer indoda eats that you'll find it: grass, insects, small fishes, etc. But twice a day she required food (grain or fodder grated with flour). Need constant access to clean water and the pond where birds can at any time take a dip. We should not forget about the content of Muscovy ducks. Keep the bird need to light the barn without drafts, the floor should be warm.

Another cause of failure Muscovy ducks lay eggs – incorrect preparation of the nest. The bird in him uncomfortable, too much noise or light. The owner better prepare several nests in different places to indoda itself can choose the most convenient place.

Indoda may not sit on the eggs or abandon the nest if disturbed during incubation. In order not to frighten the bird, to watch or to remove the eggs only in the dark, when she sleeps.

What do the master, if indoda doesn't want to sit on eggs

Usually indoda easily sits on the eggs, but if not, you need to find the cause and eliminate it. If it is related to the age of the bird, then do nothing. In other cases, it is necessary to revise the diet of Muscovy ducks, provide a variety of food and sufficient amount of vitamins.

Provide the bird a permanent access to water and food, build a convenient woodshed and equip a quiet place for a nest. Even if you are very interested, how much indoda demolished eggs and how it behaves in the nest, in any case, don't bother her. Remove excess eggs only at a time when the bird left the nest. No need to worry that indoda something can not cope at the time of planting or do something wrong, it's a smart bird that free with her Chicks only the father of her two ducklings.

If indotcom to provide proper care and do not disturb during incubation, the problems with the appearance of progeny would arise. But if you put the bird cannot come to the aid of the incubator.