Relatives and friends

Loved ones will help in a difficult moment for you. This option is good because the debt can be repaid without paying interest. Perhaps one will be able to give the desired amount of money, but referring to two or three friends, you collect the full amount.

The Bank

Another option is to get the necessary money in the Bank, which is now willing to grant the loan to citizens. But only if you have good credit history. If the credit history of late payments abound, but currently, the debt you have, you can try to get a credit card with a small credit limit. The Bank may consider that at this time, you promptly will pay interest and will be given a card. However, the interest rate may be somewhat overstated. Thus, the Bank insures the risks.


Microfinance organizations issue small amounts from 1000 to 50000 thousand roubles (depending on region). In addition to a good credit history, it is important to have a local residence permit, although some MFIs enough and provisional registration. However, the downside of the treatment in the MFI high interest rates. If you do decide to use the funds, you need to remember that even one day of delay threatens a huge fine and penalties. So be responsible.


Recently in the network, more the number of sites where you can give and borrow. Here are given the money willingly, sometimes even in spite of a negative credit history. Place of registration and residence doesn't matter. Simply register on this website and enter your information. The decision on the application for the loan accepted very quickly, within a few minutes. If approved, the website need to upload your scanned documents. After that your account transferred the necessary amount. In General, you can borrow from 500 to 30000 thousand rubles. The only drawback is online loans are high interest, which can be even higher than in MFIs.


You can lend money to the pawnshop as collateral jewelry, home appliances or electronics. Interest is moderate, but it is important to pay them on time and redeem their gold, a TV or a laptop, otherwise left under the collateral values will go under implementation. Giving jewelry to a pawnshop, it should be understood that the evaluators will check them out, while the decorations may remain small defects in the form of nudelov or stains from the acid. However, the product will lead you to the right jeweler when you will buy them.