From a very old curtain

If the curtains are fading, but there are still good seats, turn the last into a pillow-Dumka. Cut a piece of fabric size of 35х70 cm, fold in half, attrocity from all sides, leave a hole unsewn, so that it was the hand. Remove the pillowcase through it on the front side, fill bits sintepona or cotton wool, sew the hole. You can from old curtains to sew cushions of different shapes, decorate them with lace, embroidery.

From the remnants of make potholders. If the curtains tight, take 2 equal parts, fold them wrong side, sew along the edges of the braid in the area make it a loop to hang the potholder. If curtains of fine cloth, put inside a piece of thick cloth or foam.

Capacity for toys, beanbag

Of thick old curtains sew bags for children's toys. That kids wanted to clean them of their treasures, make on the front side of product application. For them suitable pieces of cloth and leather.

Cutting the bag. To the child it was not hard to pick it up, make a small, for example, 20x30 cm Hence, you should make the canvas 22х66 see Here includes a seam, the ACC and the addition of the fabric 2 times. Sew on the front side of the bag applique. Then fold it in half on the long side, stitch the sides, fold the top 3 cm, make two lines at a distance of 1.5 cm from each other. Insert brilliant tesemochek, tighten it, tying a bow.

Kids will surely enjoy Ottomans, which can be made from the old curtains. Suitable tapestry, velvet cloth. For toddler Ottoman can have a diameter of 26 and a height of 40 cm For this product cut the canvas 88х42 cm Fold 2 small sides, stitch them together on the wrong side. Cut out 2 circles with a diameter of 28 cm of the same fabric or leather. From the inside pristrochite the first round to the bottom of the Ottoman. To do this, place the rectangle on the smaller side, curve the hole in the shape of a circle. Attach the bottom, sew these 2 parts. To the circle, which is the top pritchie one part of split zip. The second sew at the top of the rectangle, make it curved in the shape of a circle.

The Ottoman can fill pieces of batting or old baby things that throw a pity. At any time you can open the zipper to get them and recall the days when children were very young.

If the curtains are in good condition, sew the ruffle to them a different color, make a pelmet top or lay one fabric curtains on country sofa, the second cut in half, finish the edges and put it on 2 chairs. Garden furniture will look amazing.