Usually, any problem is easier to prevent. To child has the desire to learn, he should be able to do it. And to develop this skill is necessary since early childhood. Remember that preparing for school is not only learning to read and account. In addition, you need to start in the development of the child and other skills: desire to learn new things, to wonder and to ask questions, to think for yourself, creative imagination. So from early childhood curiosity encourage your child, help him to find answers to questions, getting a pleasure from it. Thereby you will contribute to the development of their intellectual abilities, the most significant for humans. Referring the kid with interest to his many questions to dad, grandma, etc., you discourage him hunting to get knowledge.
If to prevent a problem failed when it appears try to understand her real reasons. Baby interesting to learn where something important happens to him. He is not able to master well served him in the form of uninteresting subject. Often it is because of this lost interest in learning in students. Here parents have to work hard and be creative. Try to teach the child to the joy of learning something new. Make the learning process for the student was an adventure game. Don't push and don't punish the child, are interested and encourage, praise for the interest, not only for the results. Help your child do homework if he can't do something. Explaining stuff, find interesting examples of "race" forward and slightly touch the subject and try to arouse his curiosity.
Maybe the child is tired physically and emotionally. Release him for a while from additional classes in the sports section. More time to take walks in the fresh air and the joint communication: 'll watch a good movie, read, put together a plane or a house.
Discuss with your teacher the problem, to hear a second opinion, to understand the reasons. Perhaps the child can't communicate with classmates and teachers. Hearken to the essence of the problem, please refer to psychologists to try to correct the situation. In case of failure to transfer child to another class or school.
Don't forget that the need for love is one of the fundamental needs of man, especially of a child. Give him as much love and attention, despite the school evaluation. Have the child develops hostility to yourself, if you constantly criticize him and suggest that he is behaving badly. And this is to a much greater extent than any other psychological problem that interferes with learning, love and life.