Advice 1: What is a sable eyebrow

Sable eyebrows are broad, thick and dark. They give the face an incredible expression, emphasize lips and eyes. Sable eyebrows are mostly girls with dark hair and Asian type of appearance. However right makeup can work miracles.
Sable eyebrows
According to the accepted canons of beauty, sable eyebrows are considered perfect. First and foremost, stylists advise to pay attention to the shape of the eyebrows. Now fashion the effect of surprise, and therefore raised eyebrow - at the peak of popularity. Most elegantly raised eyebrow fit for oval face. If you have a round face, the shape of the eyebrows can also be raised, but rounded. But the triangular face of the eyebrow should be raised slightly. Note that the eyebrows with a sharp bend or kink makes the person very strong. The positive aspects include the fact that sable curved eyebrows give a visual anti-aging effect. Disadvantages are also present: eyebrows can visually slightly reduce other parts of the face.

Another characteristic of the sable eyebrows is, of course, color. The hairs lie very close to each other and have dark brown, almost black color. The secret sable brow is very simple - they look natural. When you look at them, then you have no sense of artificiality. The color and shape of eyebrows look natural. You can't blame their owner is that she uses tweezers, pencil, paint for the eyebrows. Even so, the work of cosmetics absolutely invisible.

Thick and dark sable eyebrows make the face much more expressive and seems to "open"the eye. It is also worth noting that your eyebrows are one style, but can slightly vary. For example, the tips of the eyebrows can be slightly wider or thinner. Anyway, sable eyebrows always have the correct proportions.

In order to get hold of such eyebrows, you need to consider all of the features listed above. To start, adjust the width taking into account the rule of three lines. These lines go from the wing of the nose through the external, the inner corner of the eye and through the pupil. Even stylists think this is the most difficult in the process of transformation of the eyebrows. If your eyebrows are thin and sparse, to achieve the required density will be possible only with the help of professional tattooing. Have the advantage of the owner of a wide and thick eyebrows. Just with the help of forceps they can have the eyebrows of your dreams. To achieve the desired bend, pluck the hairs not only from below but also from above. Although in most cases to pluck eyebrows from the top is not accepted.

Regarding the creation of a dark brown color, use a special eye shadow for eyebrows and a soft cosmetic pencil. If you do not do the tattoo, then the pen will also need to simulate a heavy brow. In this case, the eyebrows need to finish is not a solid line, and strokes. If you need to create individual hairs. If it turns out too artificial look, use the powder for lighter eyebrows. Note that sable eyebrows are extremely harmonious appearance: its base is virtually identical in thickness with the continuation.

Advice 2: What eyebrows in fashion now

Fashion is changing literally everything. And what yesterday seemed absurd today enthralls the vast majority of women. One of the exciting questions - what eyebrows are now, may seem inconsequential. But stylists believe that the shape of the brow can change the face almost beyond recognition.
What eyebrows in fashion now
In the process of becoming fashion eyebrow is constantly changing. They were grown, fully shaved or etched into lime. In the 30's at the peak of popularity was Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich with her eyebrows thread. And even those who never heard the enchanting voice of Edith Piaf, just to know her very thin "laces" over the centuries.

Width, shape, kink, color

Today, the fashion for eyebrows is very democratic, but it has its own criteria. More famous women I prefer natural. Thin eyebrows-threads moved in the past, it is hoped, forever.

Stylists insist that a harmonious image is important not only width, but also the form. Here it is necessary to rely on the natural data. For example, the actual eyebrow "house" of straight stripes do. Not necessary, it is better to look natural than to try to adjust themselves under foreign standards.

And yet, a slight bend should be. Today, it is not recommended to pluck the hairs from below. If there is excess vegetation, it should be removed with tweezers or a thread.

The only thing that the fashion for eyebrows is not dictates is the color. Modern girls are not only dark – black or brown – arc, but bright, red, greyish. Why not, if it does not make disharmony in appearance.

The Foundation of a harmonious way

Professionals suggest not so much interested in what the eyebrows are now how to relate their shape and shade with the features their features and the color type.

Of course, despite the fact that thin eyebrows are no longer relevant, just not pinching impossible. Therefore, every self-respecting girl should be able to use tweezers, not abusing.

For example, for a start it is recommended to pull out only separately growing hairs that do not fit the pattern of the eyebrows. If you want, you should make the eyebrows curved or broken shape.

Before to portray the actual face of the eyebrow in the shape of "house", is to figure out whether they are suited to oval. This form is suitable for round face because makes it more elongated.

The classic oval fits any form, but if the features too stretched vertically, trimming them will help direct the cropped eyebrow.

Triangular and square face will be slightly curved arc straight "tails" or the eyebrows in the form of a "comma".

Also do not forget about the correct color that is should be 1-2 tones darker than hair. For blondes fit grey, light brown or light-brown color, brunettes can use black pigment, a brown – tone "cinnamon" or "graphite", and a redhead - try a variety of reddish shades.
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