You will need
  • -quail hen
  • -quail cock
  • incubator
  • -cage for quail
  • -equipment for lighting, feeding and water
  • food
If you breed quails not for sale but for personal use, it is possible to do even in urban apartments. For their maintenance will require regular cage for parrots. In caring for quail, it's pretty simple. Just need the temperature and light regime. These do not tolerate lower temperatures. Cooling can lead to their death.
Feeding and maintenance of quail is not difficult. No need to put a cage with a quail at the window. They are very sensitive to light. And there, cause stress in quail. They can begin to peck each other or just stop laying.
If you have decided to breed these birds for meat, then you should know that the growth they have completed 2-3 months of life. Quail eggs begin to bear at 2 months. It is these qualities of the quail, give the opportunity to engage in their cultivation as a business.
Food for quail should be balanced. Prerequisite — the protein content in the feed. As these grow very fast, they need the vitamins and minerals. In the first week of life you can give them cheese, chopped greens and eggs. All products must be finely chopped. In veterinary stores sell special feed for these under the age of 10 days.
You should know that female quails do not incubate the eggs at home. So you'll have to buy an incubator. You can buy it at a veterinary store. For the home environment will suit small incubators, for example: "Universal", "Hen". The capacity of the incubators indicated by number of eggs. Quail eggs in the incubator holds 6 times more. For poultry farmers in urban apartments, these incubators seem too large. You can not spend money to buy them and make your own hands. But in homemade incubators should set the generator temperature.
The incubation period is 17 days. These hatch very quickly, on average, for 5 hours. To grow hatched these in a conventional plywood box. But such conditions are only suitable for domestic breeding. At the bottom of the box to lay a clean paper. To change it you need, as often as possible. Quail should be kept clean. Also at the bottom of the box should be cells are dispersed in different directions.
If the transportation of eggs was about 300 km, likely, deductibility is 50%. If you are purchasing 3-day-old these, it is necessary to take care of the cage with feed and drinking bowl. Feed quails immediately, as they are delivered. A power outage can severely weaken them.