A concussion and its symptoms

Brain concussion – traumatic brain injury, in which there is malfunction of the brain. This is due to the tissue damage and blood vessels, may lead to some pretty serious swelling, a hematoma. A concussion can result from a minor head injury, sudden movements. Such trauma is not always preceded by an injury, a concussion can result from a fall in which the head was not even touched.

To recognize a concussion and to provide timely help, you need to know and be able to distinguish between the symptoms depending on the severity of the injury and the age category may attend all, or partially occur, when the shock lung.

Common symptoms:

- neural stimulation or inhibition (stupor) - a man shows emotion is weak, or Vice versa, is in the excited state (speaks loudly, yells, laughs), confused in mind, can not remember what happened to him;
unconsciousness is the main symptom;
- headache pain - this symptom may indicate different diseases, but attention to miss it, it is still not;
- nausea and vomiting (in children, there are frequent regurgitation);
- cramps – an involuntary contraction of the muscles (are also one of the main symptoms);
noise in the ears;
- anxiety, sleep – insomnia, frequent awakening unreasonable.
After the injury, you must immediately consult a doctor. It is desirable to keep the victim in supine position, in place of injury to apply cold. If you have an open wound, then it should be treated with any sanitizer.

The concussion

The consequences of concussion can be different, as in other cases of traumatic brain injury, the consequences depend on the severity. If you do not pay attention to them, then soon there are complications:

- frequent headaches, turning into migraines;
- emotional failures – depression, aggression, irritability, subsequently, can be a serious mental illness;
- impaired memory and decreased concentration is the same as in the previous case lead to nervous disorders;
- epilepsy is a serious consequence, can lead to injuries when falling in the event of attack;
- meningitis - inflammation of the brain;
- encephalopathy – increased muscle tone, loss of motor coordination.
If the victim emerged after effects of traumatic brain injury, you need urgent access to a doctor neurologist.

In any case, do not resort to self-treatment of folk remedies, using the so-called healers. The patient must provide expert assistance to avoid the consequences and complications.