Through analysis of the causes of numbness of the tip of the tongue, we must not forget about glossalgia. It is a common disease among the diseases of the tongue and mucosa of the oral cavity. Sensory neurosis (glossalgia), including its tip, is manifested in feelings of numbness or tingling.

The appearance of numbness of the tip of the tongue can occur in women in climacteric period in connection with the lability of the vasomotor system, functional changes of the thyroid gland or dysregulation of the autonomic centers. Moreover, with age, the mucosa of the tongue thins, broken regenerative ability of the epithelium.

Numbness of the tip of the tongue is anemia (iron-deficiency and pernicious b-12 deficiency), reflux esophagitis (aspiration of gastric hydrochloric acid causes numbness).

This health problem may appear in case of allergic reactions (for example, chewing gum with cinnamon, tooth paste, materials for dentures, etc.).

People with diabetes, often there is numbness of the tip of the tongue, which is associated with dryness of the tongue and thinning, diabetic neuropathy.

Depression can be accompanied by numbness of the tongue due to a mood swings, irritability or anxiety, sleep disturbances.

With the discovery of this problem, you must first find out the cause of numbness to take the tests for detection of diabetes, presence of diseases of cardiovascular system, medication, anamnesis data (the recent removal of teeth, their dentures, the use of new toothpastes, especially food). Next you need to be examined by a dentist, endocrinologist, neurologist. Treatment is given after passing all tests and specialist advice.