Wishing to equip their own territory and not to incur more costs the owners of the sites try to use cheap or free materials. You can do a lot of functional beautiful things that literally lying under their feet. For example, old automobile tires provide plenty of opportunities for this kind of creativity.

The frog is one of the most simple to implement products from tires. This material is easy to get. Even if there is used tyres from your own car and there is no way to ask neighbors in the nearest service station that is always good enough. In addition to tires, need paint, a brush, a hacksaw or sharp knife and some other tools and materials – depending on how you see the future of the product.

Frog from a piece of tyre

Can be made of a quarter of tyres a frog trying to climb the rock in the garden or a stump. For this material you should try to choose softer. With a knife or a saw cut piece of tire, about a quarter or a third. The curved piece is obtained, which makes the product more realistic. On the one hand it is necessary with a knife to cut the head of a frog. This can be done in as prompt a fantasy, for example, just to round out or make a tapered end.

Make the sides of the "head" hole and insert the frog eyes. It can be black balls, tree bark, painted pieces of cement or other material that does not get wet in the rain. From a piece of plastic sheeting green or other thin material will get legs. Attach them to the body of the frog by using a wire, but you will need to pierce holes for her.

Paint the frog with oil paint or enamel, use acrylic paint. To make the product more interesting image of the frog can give a paw an arrow or to put the crown on his head.

The frog of a tyre

No less interesting crafts can be made from whole tires. The simplest flowerbed in the form of a frog when the tire simply painted with green paint, draw big eyes and a smiling mouth. Then the tire is mounted on a certain place, covered inside soil and planted flowers.

In another embodiment, the lid is laid on the ground and painted green, the stack is not needed anymore in the household enamel basin and also paint it. The sides of the rubber body can fit the feet for which perfect plastic bottles. The pelvis-head painted eyes and a large smiling mouth.