Growing conditions of tomatoes "Pink honey"

The most effective soil for growing tomatoes "Pink honey" that where previously grown legumes, cabbage, garlic, carrot, onion, radish. Best of all every year to plant tomatoes in different places, so they are not pulled from the soil the same nutrients. When planting remember that this variety, like many others, is very demanding to heat. Therefore, the seeds germinate only at a temperature of 20-25C. If the temperature falls below +15 ° C, flowering and formation of fruit may be inhibited.

Too much heat for tomatoes "Pink honey" is also undesirable. So, at the level of the thermometer 35 ° C will not occur in the pollination, and therefore will not and the fruit. If you want to speed up germination, use special growth stimulants. They also create resistance to diseases and promote good ovary the fruit.


The sort of "Pink honey" is drought-resistant. However, this does not mean that you can forget about watering. The average water Mature tomato plants 2 times a week. The rate of moisture for one plant: a bucket of water. Note that excess moisture in the soil can kill the plant, cause gray mold or disease called black leg. If possible, plant seedlings of tomatoes "Pink honey" in the shade, so it will grow better. Under direct sunlight the bushes of tomatoes are sickly, the leaves on them. These plants are very quickly cling to different ailments and, therefore, need to be processed.


The fertilization effect on the number of maturing fruits, but also on their quality. In order to give the tomatoes grew green vegetative part, use the nitrogen and organic fertilizers. Chicken manure and cow manure dilute with water in ratio of 1:20. Avoid excess of this type of fertilizers, as excessive care in the growth often reduces crop quality. Be sure to fertilize tomatoes "Pink honey" potash and phosphate fertilizers. The fruit ripen faster, and taste becomes more enjoyable.

The characteristics of tomato 'Pink honey'

Fruits of tomato 'Pink honey' very large, soft and fleshy. They have a pink color. Form usually roundish-cordate. Fruit weight can reach up to 1500 grams: that's a pretty good indicator for tomato. If on the one hand knotted several fruits, their weight is usually less.

According to the manufacturer, tomato "Pink honey" can grow even in saline soils. The ripening of tomatoes: by the end of summer. In other words, early maturing, this type does not apply. Plant height often reaches a length of 60-70 cm If you grow tomato 'Pink honey' in the greenhouse and its height can be more than one meter.