Variants of the disease

Erysipelas begins rapidly, acutely. Man embracing a fever with a headache, chills, nausea or vomiting, sharp weakness, which quickly increase as more intoxication. Affected skin reddens, swells, and because of this it is strongly stretched, and the slightest touch to it causes pain.

The duration of the disease depends primarily on the shape of the faces and degrees of streptococcal of intoxication. If the skin turns purple and swells is erythematous erysipelas. In hemorrhagic form capillaries burst and happen petechial hemorrhages.

And when bullous erysipelas, in addition to the rash, and even produced bubbles with watery contents, similar to blisters, which are at burns. When they subside, the skin is covered with crusts which exfoliate only two to three weeks. The disease is delayed, if in their place by an open ulcer.

If foci aromatase faces small and the patient immediately began to heal, the fever lasts a very short time, just two or three days, and after five or six days the rash is completely. At moderate intoxication acute inflammation lasts for about a week, and redness go ten days later.

In severe cases, when the lesions are extensive, the temperature under forty, exhausting vomiting, treatment may take two to three weeks or even more.

Often the symptoms of severe poisoning the body with toxins and streptococci are metastases faces in places far from the initial source of inflammation. Bullous the form of residual effects – peeling, mild swelling, skin pigmentation, exfoliation of dry crusts take at least another week.

When recovery may be delayed

In whatever form disease or leaking, always affects the lymphatic system of the body. And duration of treatment of erysipelas depends also on the degree of its defeat. You have to treat not only the skin, but also lymphadenitis – inflammation of lymph nodes or lymphangitis – inflammation of the blood vessels. May develop particularly severe complications: elephantiasis of the legs, and then the treatment may take several months.

Primary erysipelas appears most often only on the face and it can be forgotten pretty quickly. But the insidious disease that often returns, hitting feet. This is especially likely if there are problems with the veins of the extremities (varicose veins or thrombophlebitis) or skin diseases, Allergy, asthma. Sometimes, the mug goes and appears again for many years and even decades.

Any form of this disease is age-related features. For example, children get sick mug rare, but easily and recover quickly. But in older people the disease usually is much harder, and acute febrile period can last about a month with exacerbations related chronic diseases.

Finally, recovery may be significantly delayed if the skin of the patient are the rays of ultraviolet light. If to relieve swelling is a mistake to apply a poultice or ointment to stimulate circulation – then the infection spreads throughout the body. Or use the recipes of traditional medicine, having no idea what form, stage of the disease, and not taking into account comorbidities.