Episiotomy or tearing of the perineum, which is a common procedure resorted to by the doctor during childbirth to facilitate delivery and prevent lacerations. After episiotomy the incision suture of absorbable material. In order to accelerate healing of sutures and to prevent the development of complications, it is important to properly care for your sutures and to reduce the load on the crotch. Within 10-14 days after delivery the woman who had an episiotomy, it is not recommended to sit down and make sudden movements and lifting weights and expose yourself to heavy loads. All of this can lead to what is broken the process of forming a complete scar.
Due to the prohibition to sit a woman experiences a lot of inconvenience, however, this prohibition is a necessary measure necessary to maintain peace in the region of the postoperative wound. Complete rest to the muscles and skin of perineum the young mother can not provide, as she is forced to move and constantly to care for the baby. However, even these loads have to be gentle and careful. Attempt to sit down immediately after birth, ignoring the doctor's recommendation, can lead to a divergence of seams. Within one to two weeks after episiotomy, it is recommended to eat standing up or lying down. This recommendation applies to the selection of positions for feeding baby.
Also because of the inability to sit a young mother is faced with serious discomfort on the day of discharge from the hospital. After episiotomy, and caesarean section, it is recommended to go in the back seat of the car, taking a relaxed position reclining. Under the buttocks can put rubber ring: it will remove an unnecessary burden from the joints.
At home it is very important not to forget about the rules of care for the seams. The perineum must be treated regularly antiseptic, to observe the rules of personal hygiene and to wash after each trip to the toilet. In any case, you cannot wear a tight and synthetic underwear as it prevents air circulation and disrupts blood flow to the soft tissue. A week after giving birth, doctors are allowed to briefly sit down polubokom on a hard surface. To sit on both butt cheeks can be no earlier than 10 days. Regular seams and no load on the joints will help to accelerate the healing, and after a few weeks the woman will be able to safely in a sitting position.