The development of gastritis and peptic ulcer disease are often associated with violation of production of hydrochloric acid for a number of reasons such as stress, poor diet, the use of chewing gum on an empty stomach, etc. Components "Omez" exert an inhibitory effect on excessive secretion of hydrochloric acid, which develops and supports the inflammatory process in the esophagus and stomach.
Make "Omez" you can in various types of gastritis, erosions, peptic ulcer disease and gastro-esophagial reflux (throwing up of stomach contents into the esophagus, which is accompanied by inflammation of the lining). This drug has an effect on the secretory function of the stomach after ingestion. Penetrating into the cell membrane of the stomach components of the drug three days after discontinuation of the drug cause a reduction of kislotoproduktsii.
The dosage depends on the severity of the disease, the clinical manifestations and phases of the disease (exacerbation or remission). In acute and severe course of peptic ulcer, especially when multiple ulcers ("kissing" ulcers) appoint 1 times a day 40 mg of powder "Omez" for intravenous injection. To prepare a solution "Omez", dial 5 ml of 5% glucose solution and enter into the vial with powder. Gently invert the vial to dissolve the powder, then enter the resulting solution into a sterile syringe and enter into the vial with 100 ml of 5% glucose. Please note that the glucose solution for infusion should be without preservatives. Imposing "Omez" just before intravenous drip administration.
When the disease Zollinger-Ellison (swelling of the pancreas, leading to the formation of multiple ulcers in the duodenum) is prescribed 60 to 120 mg per day. Bring the solution similarly, 100 ml of 5% glucose.
In the ordinary course of peptic ulcer disease, gastritis and the manifestation of reflux prescribed "Omez" in capsules. Ulcerative lesions and acute gastritis treated twice drug in the morning for 20-40 minutes before meals and in the evening after 20 hours (dinner after the medication is prohibited), you should take 1 capsule with a small amount of water. Remember that capsules cannot be chewed, to pound, etc., and should be swallowed whole. The daily dose of the drug in such symptoms of the disease 40 mg, sometimes increase it to 60 mg a day. The course of treatment "Omez" - from 2 weeks to 2 months.
For prevention of seasonal exacerbations of peptic ulcer disease or chronic gastritis take 1 capsule of "Omez" for the night for 1-4 months. Keep in mind that the preparation should be in advance, i.e. to prevent autumn exacerbation drink the capsule with the end of the summer, with the spring prevention, drug use with the end of winter.