Inner peace and soul

It is difficult to determine such a complex structure as the inner world of man. In the past, instead of these words, were saying, "soul", although this word to define not so simply. Still, the soul and inner world is not the same thing. The soul remains unchanged, and the inner world of a person can change drastically.

We can say that the inner world is a mental space in which is placed the whole spiritual life of the individual, it focuses all its energy. In the inner world is the formation and preservation of cultural values of the person, and then their transformation. It is a kind of virtual reality, which serves as a mediator between the neural networks of the brain and surrounding the direct reality of the person.

The structure of the human inner world

If the inner world can be a complicated structure, it means that this organization there are signs of consistency and can be decomposed into components. Psychologists and philosophers believe that inner peace has the following components.

Emotions is one of the most striking components of the human inner world. Many experiences leave a trace in the soul thanks to experienced emotions. Events that are not contaminated by emotions, quickly forgotten.

Feelings are emotions, too, but has a more significant constancy. They hold for a long time and are much less dependent on external "recharging". Usually the feelings have a direction, that is, they are caused by a specific person, phenomenon or thing. Feelings are able to sign up emotions. They, like gravity, changing the position of things in our inner world.

Outlook is one of the main laws of the formation of the inner world. Outlook on life, moral values and principles - all included in the Outlook. If a man did not form his worldview, his inner world would have developed chaotically, ultimately could be that development never happened. The more logically coherent and clear worldview a person has, the greater and faster is the development and enrichment of his inner world.

Despite the fact that the world depends on past experiences of a person, form it you can own, focusing on their own ideals and aspirations. Often invaluable in shaping the world have different positive examples and impressing people you meet on life's journey.