Office equipment (organizational equipment) is practically all technical equipment of the modern office. Indeed, the presence of this equipment greatly simplifies and speeds up any paperwork and, of course, facilitates communication in all processes and at different levels. What instruments are included in this broad notion and what functions do they perform?

Performing audit functions (the mechanization of calculations)

Perhaps few people thought about this, but one of the representatives of office equipment is a calculator. The small size and weight among other office arrangements, but often "rescues" her presence on the desktop in carrying out various calculations.

Calculator can be called the progenitor of the computer that it is, in fact, is highly specialized only. Nowadays, a huge variety of calculators, although gradually they give place to other devices.

Working with documents

Computers, scanners, printers, copiers, faxes – all of this equipment is necessary in order to be able to perform small and large volumes of work.

Probably, it is already impossible to imagine the modern world without a computer. It truly is an indispensable device, after all, it is created, modified and stored a huge amount of information.

Next in importance, perhaps, is the printer. He puts the desired text or graphic information in electronic form in a tangible paper document.

Photocopier (Xerox copy), which you can use to make copies of documents, photographs, drawings on paper and other materials are also not far behind in importance.

Another resident of the world of office equipment — scanner, whose task is the translation of text and graphic information contained on planar media (often paper) to digital format.

Over the past few years, gaining increasing popularity of multifunctional devices (MFPs) — devices that have additional functions printer, scanner, copier module and/or Fax device. Such equipment is significantly cheaper and compact compared to the cost and amount of occupied space each component in the MFP device alone.

Document destruction using a shredder – a device that crush the paper to tiny pieces or very fine strips.


For office equipment are means of communication: telephone, Fax, Telegraph, office PBX. In addition to these devices as a means of communication can be described and PC, which and availability of the Internet, you can maintain e-mails, and make calls.