Features diamond shaped faces

Knowing the type of your face you can choose the perfect hairstyle, makeup, glasses and hats. Usually the shape of the face easily identified by the photograph in the passport. Diamond form is characterized by broad high cheekbones, a low forehead and small, pointed chin. This type of person is often called a diamond. Star the winner of the diamond shape it: Cameron Diaz, Halle berry, Jennifer aniston, Victoria Beckham.

As the standard of beauty is considered as oval face, the hair and makeup you need to strive to visually enlarge the forehead and narrow cheekbones. The way is to give more softness and femininity.

Hairstyles for diamond shaped faces

You will approach a soft, lush waves and curls that will hide the cheekbones. Hairstyle should be light, voluminous and airy, but with volume at the crown or at the chin. In any case it is impossible to add more density in the area of the cheekbones. For owners of straight hair, you can try to do Perm. Please note that the strands on the sides should be screwed inside.

Diamond-shaped faces are well suited oblique, zigzag partings and hairstyles that extend downward.

If you do your hair up. should let a few strands gently framing the face.

Haircuts for diamond shaped faces

Very good shape for haircuts medium length. Note the voluminous long Bob, feathering and streaking towards him. Also a good haircut caret, up to the chin.

Nice lush bangs to the eyebrows, oblique or straight. Volume to the bangs can be added using styling products.

When cutting, cut away on top more hair and leave strands long side – this will help to create the necessary volume at the top. Interesting look layered haircuts.

What hairstyles not to do with a diamond face shape?

For diamond type is extremely desirable to comb your hair back and smooth tail. If you did – add a lush fringe. Speaking of bangs, she should not be too short.

Parted in the middle not the best solution for this face shape, choose a scythe, and it is not necessary to remove the hair behind the ears.

Very short haircuts should also be avoided for your shape haircuts should be no shorter than the jawline. A clear line also will not work, they will open all the angularity of this face shape.