To reduce toothache, you can use different medical preparations. The most common among them are the following: "Actualid", "Aspirin", "Paracetamol", "Deksalgin 25", "caution", "Ibufen", "Pentalgin".
"Actualid" or "Semisolid" is a non – steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, which comes in the form of round tablets of light yellow color. Take "Actualid" one tablet (100 mg) twice a day. Children over twelve years old, "Nimesulide" granted a single dose of 1.5 mg per 1 kg of body weight twice a day. But the "Nimesulide" is absolutely contraindicated in pregnant women and children under 12 years and persons who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract.
"Aspirin" or acetylsalicylic acid, has a good antipyretic and analgesic effect. A day a person can take up to 4 g of aspirin. Should not exceed this dosage as it may lead to severe diseases of internal organs and the human brain. Pregnant women should not take acetylsalicylic acid during the first trimester of pregnancy. Also aspirin is contraindicated in children under 12 years.
"Paracetamol" is an analgesic drug that belongs to the group of anilides and has good antipyretic and analgesic properties. The intake of "Paracetamol" is contraindicated in persons who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, pregnant women in the first three months of pregnancy, people with acute liver failure. For adults the maximum single dose is 1 g and the maximum daily dose of 4 g. For children the maximum dose is 10 mg per 1 kg.
One of the most popular remedies for a toothache is a drug "Ketanov" or "Ketorolac." Duration of the analgesic effect of "Ketorolac" up to five hours. This medicine is used disposable for relieving acute dental pain. The use of "Ketanov" contraindicated in children under 16 years, pregnant or nursing, and persons who suffer renal failure, peptic ulcer or asthma.
"Ibuprofen" is a drug for a toothache, which comes in tablet form and syrup form. The drug is contraindicated in pregnant or nursing, persons with problems of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as in poor blood clotting and Crohn's disease.
In addition to various medicinal drugs, you can use traditional methods of eliminating pain syndrome. For example, well relieves toothache rinse the mouth with decoction of sage. To prepare this medication you need to take two tablespoons of dried herb sage and pour boiling water. Then the tool should insist 20 minutes in a water bath. After that, when the infusion becomes warm, you can start rinsing.