Its purpose

Coverlock designed specifically for sewing knitwear. And therefore, if he can easily carry out various manipulations with such "touchy" material, like a knit, it is also easy to handle, and any other tissue.

In addition: household overlock and seam, overlock can play the role of a conventional sanding machine. It's safe to say that coverlock – a brilliant design invention, as freely replaces three types of sewing machines.

Often coverlock equipped with additional surge table, with a knife to slice the edge of the fabric, automatic cutting threads, a unit for garbage collection and many other modern devices. In addition to coverage you can remove or install the additional needle.

The main part of coverage

All sewing machines have one unifying detail is the looper. Coverage is three. Two to perform the functions of the serger and one for a flat seam. Coverlock has in its composition the bobbin, therefore, the supply of the lower thread the needle through the looper, directly from the bobbin.

It is through the looper runs a famous chain stitch, and on its basis coverlock can perform up to 25 different types of knitted stitches. A seams branded products made chain stitch, the reverse side of which has the form of braids. Chain stitch has high elongation. This is its main advantage over conventional Shuttle-stitch.However, if you install the plug on one of the loopers, coverlock can perform a two-line stitch - Shuttle.

A significant disadvantage of chain stitch –uneconomic use of threads. To education any stitches on the base chain stitch amount of thread consumed times more than for Shuttle seam. So coverage be economical - use sewing thread for big cone spools.

Additional features

Now the sewing equipment consists of many additional features. For coverage a "chip" - automatic filling thread. Tanker strings of coverlay can be both mechanical and pneumatic. Since the filling thread – a fairly common action relative to the sewing machine, the simpler and easier to construct the tanker thread, the easier the work of seamstresses, and therefore – higher cost of this model coverage.

Additional features coverage affect its value. The most expensive coverage – touch display. Electronically controlled coverage is quite simple to operate and includes a lot of opportunities, but the price is much higher than the cost of multi-function, but the mechanical model coverage.