First of all, it should be noted that the consumption of large amounts of water promotes weight loss. The fact is that the centers of thirst and hunger in the brain are very close, so often we ourselves do not understand and confuse these desires, which leads to weight gain due to excess calories. Also with water you can learn to control your appetite. For this drink 20 minutes before a meal, a glass of clean water. If you do, then you will be filled much faster accordingly, and eat less food.
If you get in the habit of drinking a lot of water, then the risk that you could suffer a heart attack, will fall to 41%! And it's really a proven fact by scientists.
Strange as it may sound, but the water gives us energy. If your body is dehydrated at least a few percent of the total body mass, you will feel overwhelmed and tired. If you gave yourself a thirst, it may even appear dizziness, and muscle weakness.
If you suffer from frequent headaches, then perhaps it is due to dehydration. There are of course many other reasons for this, but this is the most common. In any case, you can try to get rid of this problem by starting to drink more water.
We also can not say that water helps to purify the skin. If you start to consume your body needs the amount of water you will notice that the complexion will become healthy, and my skin is significantly clearer and more beautiful than before. The effect, of course, will not manifest immediately, but he will.
Many people suffer from gastrointestinal diseases, particularly common gastritis with high acidity. Drink enough water during these diseases is extremely necessary and very useful, as it participates in all digestive processes and not only. You should also drink a lot of water those who suffer from constipation, because they often arise due to dehydration.
The consumption of large quantities of water helps cleanse the body as it removes all sorts of waste, toxins and many other harmful substances.
If you drink sufficient water, then the risk that you will develop cancer will be reduced immediately by not less than 45%! Agree that these are huge numbers, and after all of that you simply drink the liquid.
Athletes drink a lot of water. It is not just quenching thirst, it is much more serious. The fact is that from the physical exertion our body is very tired, and tiredness usually lead to dehydration. If you do sports or drink a lot of water, you simply will not even cope with the load, which can lead to tragic consequences, such as injury.