Advice 1: Where and how is mummy

Shilajit is a mysterious substance, given to us by nature. About the healing properties of mumie say a lot, but few know where and how it is extracted resinoid substance. And it is produced high in the mountains where very rarely ventured.
The extraction of mummy is a risky labor

Deposits of Shilajit

Scientists and climbers filmed on deposits of Shilajit: From the video shows that Shilajit downright grows inside the mountains, flowing like tar, on rocky sediments and solidifies in fancy patterns. Mines for the extraction of Shilajit have very ancient origins, because of the beneficial properties of this substance, people guessed long ago, a few thousand years ago.

Shilajit is found in the mountainous remote areas, and the whole expedition was arranged for the search of medicinal substances. In Soviet times, the place of production of the mummy was classified at the state level. Then this substance was semi-legal status. Apparently, the party bosses were afraid that all Shilajit is not enough, and treated them themselves, and citizens were left under the care of traditional medicine.

In 1964, the Soviet government gave scientists the task of finding deposits of Shilajit in the Soviet Union. It was necessary to refute the prevailing view that the retinoid is a substance found only in Iran, Afghanistan and regions of Tibet. The expedition went to the mountains of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan. The result of the expedition was discovered the sources of the mummy in Zarafshan, Chatkal, Pamir, Kopetdag and Turkestan regions of Central Asia.

The origin of Shilajit

By studying deposits of the mummy, scientists have suggested that different types of this substance have different origins. In the "mountain of the resin - mineral and organic elements, modified as a result of complex geological and organic processes. Depending on the origin, there are Shilajit, resulting from natural processing and mineralization of the remains of animals and insects, the roots of coniferous trees, of the excrement of small animals, waste products of wild bees.

How to get Shilajit

Since deposits of Shilajit are in the caves and deep caves, located at an altitude of about 3000 m above sea level, produce a substance difficult. Until now, the extraction of the substance not acquired industrial dimensions. Shilajit is located on the surface of a rock formation in the form of incrustations, icicles, or accumulations resulting from cracks. Noted that most of the mummy is located in the caves which are home to Alpine animals and birds: mouse-senostavks and bats, wild pigeons and wild rams. Substance just gather with your hands, scraping it from the walls of the cave.

In order to get Shilajit, no equipment required. The inventory of matter in the nature is limited, but as for medical use requires very small doses of the mountain resin, it is believed that Shilajit to ensure human needs lacking in abundance. Most often, Shilajit is produced by the efforts of local residents who know where there are deposits of the substance.

Advice 2: Where to buy Shilajit

Shilajit is a natural substance that has long been used as effective therapeutic and cosmetic products. It is known that Aristotle treated patients this wonderful product, fast healing even fatal wounds. Today, Shilajit is produced in limited quantities, but sold almost everywhere.
Where to buy Shilajit

What is a mummy

Shilajit is a product of natural origin, formed in the cracks of rocks. For this reason it is often called mountain tar. It is a resinoid substance of a brownish-black color with a specific smell and slightly bitter taste. Such properties lend included with Shilajit for various organic substances and minerals, and prized this product. His education involved the soil, small rodents, rocks, and various microorganisms.
The exact process of formation of Shilajit scientists still are unable to install.

Externally present Shilajit is usually reminiscent of pieces of different shapes and densities with a shiny or matte surface. Some types of this substance also have a granular structure. It is easily soluble in water, allowing it to be used for the preparation of useful solutions, however, it is difficult soluble in alcohol.

Where to buy Shilajit

Cleaned of impurities Shilajit is sold today in pharmacies. There it is presented in the form of pills, liquids and ointments. Unfortunately, in the process, the substance undergoes a chemical and thermal changes, in which case it loses much of its beneficial properties. However, the items are protected from counterfeiting.

Natural Shilajit in whole pieces, resinous in structure, are difficult to find – it can be purchased in specialized shops or directly from suppliers who buy it from those involved in the production. Information about them can be found on the Internet. However, there should be careful, as many brokers are merely scams that offer genuine Shilajit is a solution of burnt sugar, propolis, clay, humus layer, sea buckthorn oil, sand and canned meat.
In ancient times the quality of Shilajit was tested as follows on a fresh wound, applied the mixture mumie with rose oil. If a day later the wound is healed, it means that the mummy was real.

The beneficial properties of Shilajit

Since ancient times, Shilajit was used for the treatment of various diseases. It helps with headaches and hypertension, problems with the digestive tract, decreased immunity and loss of strength. In its composition scientists have discovered a fungus similar in its properties to penicillin, so mummy has antibacterial properties and can be used as anti-inflammatory agents.

This natural substance also helps to restore the nervous system, perfectly displays the body of harmful substances and strengthens the liver. And, of course, Shilajit promotes rapid healing of wounds, cuts, burns and bruises. Beneficial this substance is also on the skin and hair.
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