Plywood – multilayer laminated fabric, which is widely used in construction and furniture production. The quality of these products depends not only on the type of wood, but also on the characteristics of the adhesive.

Plywood pine or birch better?

The answer to the question: what plywood is better depends on what purpose acquired this material. If the most important criterion is the strength, it is recommended to opt for the birch. For example, for mounting to rough or clean floor is used exclusively by the plywood. It is 20-25% stronger than pine and it is heavier in weight. So it is always used where required high reliability.

If laminated fabric needed for the walls, upholstery of roof system, as a substrate under the flooring, it is advisable to use plywood of coniferous species. It is made from the cheapest of wood: pine, spruce, fir. This ensures its affordability. Any plywood is the quality and brand. In conditions of high humidity it is necessary to use products of FC, regardless of what wood they are made.

If the plywood needed for the production of furniture or covering a structural element of a building and intended to decorate it, you need to choose based on showiness the texture of the product. The best characteristics from softwood plywood. Usually, its surface is of high quality and a small number of defects such as knots and wormholes. If the surface of these products to varnish a painting, or impregnation, it will emphasize the texture of wood. Therefore, in the furniture industry, where takes into account simultaneously the efficiency, strength and aesthetics of a material, prefer coniferous leaves.

Plywood from softwood contains more resins, so its resistance to mold and mildew above. If you need to sheathe the walls of buildings with high humidity (e.g. basement, cellar, outbuildings, perform the finish), it is recommended to use these products. They are much more resistant to rot than birch plywood.

Why birch plywood is more expensive?

Plywood manufacturers in order to reduce the cost of their products mostly use local raw materials. But, despite the fact that the birches in Russia is enough plywood this wood is traditionally more expensive. The point here is that softwood has a low density, so it is impossible to obtain from this soft wood thin veneer. Birch allows to do it. Therefore, equal to the thickness of the plywood in birch always more layers. Therefore, it is stronger.