Biography Of Steve Jobs

The book of Walter Isaacson "Steve jobs" tells the story of the charismatic leader of Apple. His childhood fascination with technology born in the dream of creating a personal computer, and discover and work in his student days give the necessary experience for future entrepreneurial activities. While Steve jobs dropping out of school and does not receive University education. In 20 years he with his friend, opens the company in his parents ' garage. After five years, the company Apple already has a huge staff and brings millions of profit.

On the work of Henry Ford

The book of Henry Ford "My life, my achievements" tells the story of the career of a wealthy industrialist, his views on life and workflow. It is interesting not only to top managers but to all who want to achieve high results. The success of Ford is largely due to his abiding faith in success and a desire to overcome new challenges. Tycoon urges to face the future and respect the past. He puts the work for the good of society above personal gain, thereby seeking and recognition, and wealth.

Sayings Of Benjamin Franklin

"Autobiography" Benjamin Franklin tells about the life of one of the famous founding fathers of the United States. Franklin was a prominent politician and diplomat, scientist and inventor. He encourages readers to improve themselves, and offers to develop the 12 qualities of virtue. Among these he includes the determination, order, moderation and resourcefulness.

Advice By Robert Kiyosaki

American entrepreneur and investor Robert Kiyosaki in his book Rich dad, Poor dad" teaches by the example of his upbringing and life experience of how to raise children, to invest and to develop the potential winner. It encourages you to spend time usefully, find the right information and follow through. Kiyosaki teaches how school to develop qualities of entrepreneur.

Qualities of a leader by Brian Tracy

In his book "the 21 success secret millionaires Brian Tracy offers consistently taking the necessary steps towards business development. If you follow his instructions, which is written based on the experience of many entrepreneurs, success is, according to the author, it becomes predictable and even inevitable. Brian Tracy reveals regularities in the behavior of rich people and I am convinced that thanks to these qualities of character can achieve any goal.