The most common cause blackening of the nail is subungual hemorrhage. It can occur due to injury or shock, due to improper care, diseases of the body. Often this problem appears when wearing tight and uncomfortable shoes, when the fingers constantly rested in the front wall of boots or shoes and also hereditary predisposition.

Often the cause of darkening of the nail may become a serious illness that cannot be run. For example, melanonychia. The disease caused by infection by microorganisms, such as fungi-dermatophytes, yeast-like fungi, Proteus. Also this disease may be due to artificial staining of the nail by using different drugs (dithranol, potassium permanganate), in contact with tobacco. Melanonychia more exposed to people with dark skin. It often appears in women during pregnancy. The blackening of the nail can be the cause of melanocytic formations on the nail bed. Early signs of melanoma at the end of the finger is characterized by blurred boundaries of the lesion that begins in the hole of the nail and spread to periungual roller and the pad of the finger. The black is maintained even as the regrowth of the nail.

Nail hemangioma – a benign tumor. Accompanied by the growth of numerous small blood vessels that appear red, purple or black spot on the nail, it penetrated the nail plate. This disease is characterized by severe pain that begins long before the appearance of the tumor. Pressing on the nail causes a sharp pain, while a dark spot is white. Sometimes the appearance of longitudinal ribs on the surface of the nail or lifting of the plate over the nail bed.