The new car is your new story. She still smells like a plant, it on the seats polyethylene, protects upholstery, floor mats brand new, the torpedo is clean and not scratched. But to give joy, you must be attentive not only to the choice of the machine itself, but also to the selection of the seller.
Sometimes official dealers can sell a car with a defect, and sometimes you can buy a new car through an ad in the newspaper and to be 100% satisfied.

Where to buy a new car

Of course, the first place where you can go for a new car is the dealership. It is the official representative of your brand of car. Pros the dealer in the car with a warranty, everything can be arranged in place, even insurance, and you know where to go if something happens, because for one night a car dealership with locations clearly can't hide.
Dealers of a particular brand in one city can be more. Read reviews online about each of them and then choose one which suits you.

Alternatively, buy a new car online from overseas. In the network there are quite a few markets for the sale of new cars. Here the main difficulty lies in the fact that the car personally you will only see on arrival. So to make a claim in appearance or mismatch of any features to be quite problematic.

You can also go abroad and buy there new car. Many people use this option because its economic efficiency machines abroad are much cheaper than in Russia. They forget that there is still customs clearance in Russia, which will immediately add to the cost of the machine is quite an impressive amount.

To buy a new car and the ad. This happens when you work dealers. However, in this case we are talking about conditionally new cars. For example, someone bought the car as a gift, but it didn't fit or you change your mind, not having to travel on it, and 10 kilometers. Like, she's still new, but already used. This option of purchasing the car is good from the point of view of the economy. After all, the car immediately drops from its value up to 100 000 RUB.

What you should consider

Choosing the suitable seller, be sure to pay attention to what conditions it has to offer. For example, a loan or installments. Also quite popular today trade-in when you rent your car, pay extra and take a new one.

To view the car bring a man versed in cars. Better professional who will be able to tell you whether the new car in front of you. Remember that you should not worry about the money you give him for advice, because of the car you will pay significantly more and must be sure in its quality.