RAM on the tablet

RAM on the tablet, and usually the computer is responsible for the speed of the device. Of course, that this parameter is responsible not only RAM, but also other components. Today, very often on the counter you can find such tablet computers that have 512 megabytes or 1 Gigabyte of memory, rarely with 1.5 GB and 2 GB. For some people question the choice of tablet by this criterion is very important as it determines not only the final cost of the device, but the functionality of some programs and applications, including games.

It is believed that the optimal amount of memory for a tablet computer today is 1 GB. That is why the manufacturers of these devices create a tablet with the same amount of RAM. As for 512 MB, they may be sufficient for working with text applications, antivirus, some graphical applications and games, but the more memory is on the device, so it will work better with less hang. It is worth noting that on devices with 512 MB of RAM may not work the Internet. To establish good communication with the provider requires at least 768 MB (for the application of most manufacturers).

No charge - anywhere

When choosing a tablet it is necessary to pay particular attention directly to the battery, namely, how much will it hold without recharging. For example, cheaper or Chinese models of tablets can hold a charge for literally six hours. With this battery you will be even no matter how much you have RAM on a tablet PC how to use you almost can't, because the battery is running the app will drain the charge very quickly. Of course, that the tablet is usually enjoyed outside the home. Therefore, we must proceed from this parameter, because not always you can put on charging. For normal operation it is sufficient that the battery was holding at least 8 hours.

As a result, if the tablet computer will keep the charge at least 8 hours and when you memory, even 512 megabytes, the owner of such devices will be able to use it virtually anywhere without any inconvenience to themselves. For example, to use mostly different apps and play some games, with the exception of the most demanding on system resources.