As the Helicobacter pylori enter the stomach, remains a mystery for doctors, since so far there has not been any major study to accurately track the time of the destruction of the body by bacteria. But the most obvious of all of the versions says that the infection is oral, that is, people, without knowing it, simply eats the bacteria yourself opening them the way to your stomach.
The pathogen, called "Helicobacter pylori", bacterium represents a mark the size of three thousandths of a millimeter. Those little guys can move, they do it by means of threadlike appendages - one likes the legs. They dwell in the depths of the mucous membrane of the stomach, because only there they get to hide from the corrosive acids contained in the gastric juice. At the same time, these bacteria provoke enhanced secretion of gastric juice by the formation of the enzyme urease is special varieties of protein. An increased level of acidity in the stomach contributes to the emergence of foci of chronic inflammation including the formation of ulcers.
In addition, the urease can break down chemically neutral urea at a fairly aggressive ammonia and carbon dioxide. This property allowed scientists to discover a hitherto unknown bacterium, in advanced cases, the amount of ammonia becomes so large that it is impossible to find even in exhaled human air.
Doctors suggest that most often the bacteria enter the body by direct "mouth-to-mouth" contact, such as kissing, or when the mother chews solid food before giving it to your child. Suspects the number 2 are considered to be contaminated with causative agents of water and food. There is also the possibility of transfer of bacteria to humans from Pets. In countries with low standards of hygiene Helicobacter can spread the fecal-oral route, when contaminated waste human body water are consumed without undergoing the necessary treatment.
To fully protect themselves from attack by bacteria while that is not possible. Some effective vaccination against Helicobacter pylori also does not exist. But there is good news. It consists in the fact that the disease responds well to treatment, and therefore is not a sentence. Therefore, in the case of suspected infection of the bacterium Helicobacter pylori must undergo appropriate examination, and if the diagnosis be confirmed, to drink a course of antibiotics to clear the stomach from the presence of unwanted colonists.