Tibet drink local green tea such as Bo Nai, which is great thirst quencher. The taste of the milk and butter a little strange. This drink is sweet to drink not eat, so it add some salt. This is the highlight of this nutritious and refreshing tea. This drink is very invigorating and gives strength and energy.

Refreshing drink from Tibet

It is recommended to drink salty Tibetan tea in the morning. In the beginning of the day needed influx of energy to the human body.
The people of Asia consider to be their traditional feature of tea with milk and salt. Where they live is very hot. Tea with milk and salt helps prevent dehydration of the body and quenches thirst.

Why do people drink salty tea? Very easy, because salt is an important element of the human body. Salty tea relaxes and refreshes with intense physical exercise, as happens with long transitions.

Tibetan monks used tea for centuries. The power of herbs has helped them in healing the body and preventing health. Before long fasts the monks with tea cleanse your body. Tibetan tea is a natural herb that grow on the high mountains of Tibet.

This drink improves digestion of a person and stabilizes the metabolism in the body. Tibetan tea cleanses the intestines, has a good laxative effect, which helps with constipation. Traditional tea of Tibet brings nutrients and trace elements as other similar tools. On the contrary, this drink is composed of many useful components that fuel the human body.

The composition and the use of Tibetan tea

In a traditional Tibetan tea include: green tea, beneficial herbs (mint, rosehip, chamomile, nettle, lemon grass or lemongrass), Bay leaf, terminals chebula, Echinacea, bark of basswood.

Green tea – strong antioxidant that enhances skin tone and health, it helps fight stress and aggressive factors of the external world, in addition, it prevents the overall aging of the organism as a whole. Chamomile in the tea helps the digestive process and the metabolism. It is a good anti-inflammatory agent. Mint is a cholagogue and has a calming effect. The rosehip – a storehouse of vitamins and minerals, has anti-inflammatory, anthelmintic and diuretic. Echinacea – increases immunity and promotes regeneration and cell renewal.

Tibetan tea has on the human body a good effect, as well as its use helps to loose excess weight and promotes weight loss without harm.