After conception, the cells that form the placenta begin to produce the HCG hormone. For the first time to lock it in the blood of pregnant women by 11 days after conception, in urine on day 14. It is his discovery is based the principle of popular home tests for pregnancy.

The mechanism of the process

It is believed that pregnancy is diagnosed if the level of HCG more than 25 mIU/ml. If its normal for the amount of the hormone increases like an avalanche: the level of beta-HCG doubles every 2-3 days. In multiple pregnancies the amount of the hormone is proportional to the number of kids increase at a faster pace.

To calculate the level of the hormone depending on the duration of pregnancy, it is possible to focus on average values:
- <5 mIU/ml: non-pregnant women;
- 5-50 mIU/ml: a period of 3 weeks;
Is 5-426 Miu/ml: minimum 4 weeks;
- 18-7340 Miu/ml: 5 weeks;
- 1080-56500 Miu/ml: minimum of 6 weeks;
- 7650-229000 Miu/ml: duration 7-8 weeks;
- 25700-288000 mIU/ml 9-12 weeks;
- 13300-254000 mIU/ml: the period of 13-16 weeks;
- 4060-165400 mIU/ml: the period of 17-24 weeks;
- 3640-117000 mIU/ml: a period of 25-40 weeks.

It should be remembered that the numbers can vary: it is important not only in itself a numeric value, but the trend of its changes.

As you can see, 6-7 weeks after conception levels of HCG stabiliziruemost, and after 12 weeks slowly decreasing. It is on this depending on the amount of the hormone of pregnancy is based the principle of operation is very popular with moms-to-be calculator of HCG.

How to use the calculator HCG?

First of all, it is very convenient to interpret the results of laboratory blood tests the amount of HCG in the body, and also to analyze the growth level of HCG. For calculation of growth hormone in program-calculator entered information about the level of hormones in the first test and the number of days after ovulation, the hormone levels in the second test and the number of hours between the 2 tests done.

Calculator calculate the doubling time of HCG and the difference between the number of hormones for 2 days. The resulting value must be within the following ranges:
- 1200 Miu/ml for 36 to 72 hours;
- 1200-6000 Miu/ml for 72-96 hours;
- over 6,000 Miu/ml over 96 hours or more.

There are several reasons why HCG levels may deviate from these values:
- higher values are usually associated with multiple pregnancies, it is wrong to a certain period, pathological course of pregnancy;
- lack of growth HCG sometimes indicates a dysfunctional development of pregnancy, in particular the threat of miscarriage, as well as the fading of the fetus.