Top smile. Is the smile in which visible only to the upper teeth. It is believed that this friendly smile that occurs spontaneously. Most often this type of smile can be observed when meeting loved ones, friends, when you talk of mother and child.

Shy smile. This smile is very similar to top, but if you look closely, you will notice bite lower lip. Another distinctive feature of the smile is slightly lowered head. Often a smile can meet the child, meet eyes with a stranger.

Fake smile. Such a smile can be seen on the photos from official meetings, boring events. Smile like the top, but near the eye is not formed wrinkles.

With a wide smile. This smile occurs in a moment of fun: funny moment, tickling, a funny joke, joy. With a wide smile you can see both rows of teeth, but most people try to take control of the smile, covering the lower teeth.

A taut smile. If a person stretches the corners of his lips, showing a bit of gritted teeth, that forced smile. Often this smile is accompanied by a moment of fear, of aggression.

Playful smile. Widely stretched lips, lifted the corners of his lips, but the teeth are hidden – these are signs of a playful smile. Such a smile can be found in people, listening to an interesting story waiting to be jokes.

A simple smile. So smile people, reminiscing the happy moments of your life. Stretched lips, lip corners raised, but not solved.

Crooked smile. Smile like the simple, but the corners of the lips down. This smile looks a bit threatening, but most often expresses only disapproval.

A forced smile. Such a smile is often used to show the interlocutor that his joke or inappropriate behavior. There is this smile lightly tight lips, strained and raised corners of the lips.