Care for the oral cavity. Healthy and strong teeth and gums are essential to a beautiful smile. Basic rules of hygiene such as brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing will keep your dental health.Regularly visit the dentist's office. Easier to cope with caries at an early stage than to treat the started disease. Clean teeth from Tartar, time to put the seals.
Care for skin of lips. Use nutritional hygienic lipstick or balms to soften skin lips. Overnight lubricate lips with honey or butter, it is advisable to do it every night, especially in winter and early spring.Pay attention to the quality of cosmetics you use for makeup lips. Do not skimp on the lipstick and lip gloss, buy quality cosmetics from a decent manufacturer, cheapness may result in allergic rashes and dryness of the lips.To make a smile beautiful, choose a suitable to the type of your appearance, the tone of lipstick. If possible, use the services of a makeup artist who will select the color for you.
Perform special exercises that can make a smile beautiful and delay the appearance of facial wrinkles. Give this complex a few minutes a day, but regularly, the results will please you very soon.Exercises for a beautiful smile:- maximum straining lips, pull them into a kiss, open your mouth, then close your lips and relax;- tightly closed and elongated lips draw in the air "eight";- blow the flame of an imaginary candle;- take a breath, inflate your cheeks, slowly release the air, feeling the vibration of the lips;- lips stretch into a wide smile, hold the grimace for a few seconds, relax.Each exercise repeat five times. This complex is very well coached by facial muscles, do it in the morning and evening, the result will be noticeable after a couple of weeks.