Selection of shampoo – the main task for the girls who carefully watch over hair. On the market you can find many manufacturers and brands of shampoo. In such variety it is easy to get lost, because one shampoo better than another. To choose the means to care for the hair needs, based on certain factors, some of which are hair type and the shampoo.

The choice of shampoo by hair type

Type of the scalp is one of the important aspects when choosing a shampoo. Hair type also plays a huge role. Hair types can be divided into four. The first of these is a very rare normal type of hair. Second, fatty type, it is possible to determine the quantity of sebum. Such hair is dirty quickly and become fat. Hair with split ends, brittle and dull apply to the dry hair type. The fourth and last type of hair is called mixed. Such hair at the top of the head reminiscent of a greasy type of hair, but the ends remain dry and brittle. On the package or bottle of shampoo always written for what type of hair tool. When choosing a shampoo it is necessary to consider this aspect.

A sulfate-free shampoo

The shampoo plays an important role in hair care. In the first place in the composition of the shampoo is the substance, the content of which in the tool is in greater numbers. Accordingly, substances are the latest in a shampoo is less likely. Modern most shampoos contain Sodium lauryl Sulfate. This washing substance is very cheap and is made from palm oil and oil. The substance is absorbed into the scalp, that is not entirely safe for health. Sulfate may have other names. For Example, TEALaurethSulfate, TEALaurilSulfate, SodiumLaurethSulfate, SodiumLaurilSulfate, AmmoniumLaurethSulfateи AmmoniumLaurilSulfate. All these names signify one thing – the sulfate content in the shampoo.

If you want you can find shampoos which do not contain sulfates. This is usually natural and organic means. Such funds have an international certificate confirming the quality of the shampoo. Sulfate in these shampoos is replaced with natural counterparts. For example, such substances as cocoglucoside, sulfosuccinate Laureth and lauryl glucoside. These substances are produced by using coconut oil and glucose. The following substance names have nothing to do with chemicals, they are quite natural.

Natural shampoos produce less foam than their artificial counterparts, but this in no way affects the quality of hair.