What you need to know about exfoliation

Tan after peeling of the face can actually be very dangerous. This procedure is a kind of stress for the skin, and this applies particularly to the face, as it is here it is most thin and delicate. After peeling the skin relaxed, falling under the sun, can easily get burned. Many treatments, including peels, it is advisable to still conduct in the cold season, then the skin will have time to move away from the stress. However, there are some cases when the peel is done in the summer or before. The danger of sunburn after peeling of the face, of course, exist. But many girls still want to get a nice tan. That is why there are some conditions under which a tan after peeling face will bear the least risk.

Another interesting fact is that when the scrub person removes some portion of melanin. Consequently, the skin will be much harder to swim and time to obtain a beautiful tanned shade will have to spend a lot. This opinion exists long ago and everywhere. Many women's publications, magazines and Newspapers publish articles about the dangers of tanning after peeling. But we should not forget that the skin of different girls is different. It follows that the contraindications do not apply to all. It is not necessary to tan after peeling the sun red girls and blonde with blue eyes and light pink skin tone.

The advantages of the tan after peeling face

1. After peeling face sunburn placed on the skin more evenly.

2. A great advantage of a tan after peeling face that he hadn't washed and retains its beauty for a long time.

3. When using a moisturizer, a girl can extend the longevity of your tan.

Recommendations for tan after peeling face

Sunbathing on the beach after peeling faces need immediately. After the procedure should take 24 to 48 hours. During this period you have to go in the sun and after tanning efficacy will begin to decline.

Experts recommend to commit the procedure before resort for a day or two before departure.

Many girls instead of several hours lying on the beach, apply a spray-on tan. In this case, facial peels will also help. Because the skin after peeling milk will form a more even layer.

Tanning after peeling, do not forget about protective creams. This eliminates the risk of sunburn. The choice to stop the creams that have passed dermatological experiments. The perfect factor sun protection is 25-50. You can reduce the protection gradually. But in any case, it should be no lower than SPF25.