If the honeysuckle bushes grew worse began to bear fruit, or initially was the wrong place for the cultivation of this shrub, the situation can be corrected by transplanting the plants. Honeysuckle is fairly well tolerated transplanted almost at any age, with the exception, perhaps, only very old plants with highly developed root system that impedes the excavation of the shrub.
The best time to transplant honeysuckle – end of summer and beginning of autumn, before the frost. The plant should fully lose leaves, thereby prodigalities about the onset of dormancy. Spring for transplanting honeysuckle is not recommended, because it starts too early period of SAP flow, and therefore adaptation to new conditions is difficult and painful.
The planting hole should be prepared in advance and have a slightly larger size than the hole in the same place of growth of the shrub. The bottom and walls of the pit should be carefully loosened with a pitchfork to make the dual norm of organic fertilizers. It is not recommended to use manure in its pure form, fly ash or mineral fertilizers, as they can cause burns injured when digging the root system.
When digging up the young bushes can produce pruning, simply remove the broken branches. With severely overgrown bushes older than five years, undercut the branch about a third of their length. Carefully dig the Bush on all sides, being careful not to damage the root system, remembering that the size of the roots corresponds approximately to the perimeter of the crown, so dig a clod of earth should be the appropriate diameter. Bush together with a clod of earth rolled over on durable canvas, burlap or film and drag to a new place of landing.
Placing the honeysuckle in the new pit, you need to carefully spread its roots and cut their damaged parts. After that, the plants watered and covered with prepared soil without a strong depth – the root collar should be at ground level or buried by 3-5 cm Around the resulting holes form the low sides and again thoroughly watered a Bush. Tree trunks oblast multimedia a layer of straw, peat, sawdust or humus. In early spring, transplanted plants it is recommended to feed a slurry or solution of complex mineral fertilizers. The best fruiting honeysuckle provides for the Seating of the bushes at a distance of 1.5-2 meters from each other and in the presence of a garden several varieties.