Advice 1: What herb relieves inflammation

The best medicinal plant that relieves internal and external inflammation is chamomile. It flowers that have medicinal effects on the body include: chamomile, Roman chamomile, and Matricaria discoidea.
Chamomile relieves internal and external inflammation
Due to the high content in the plant essential oils, resins, carotenoids, mucus and other useful components, chamomile has a beneficial effect on the entire body. It has the properties of soothing, disinfecting, anti-inflammatory and stimulates circulation.

External use

Chamomile is widely used as topically for the care of inflamed and problematic skin, and inside, to reduce inflammation.
Externally chamomile is used in the form of compresses. Decoction and infusion of chamomile washed inflamed eyelids, rinse your mouth and throat, is applied to frostbitten or burned out.

The anti-inflammatory property of chamomile are used in regenerative treatment of various diseases, from simple inflammation to chronic eczema.

Application inside

Inside the chamomile decoction taken for stomach problems, inflammation in the abdominal cavity. Chamomile tea is indicated for colds and sore throat.

The preparation of therapeutic agents

Decoction of chamomile prepared as follows: – two table spoon of dried flowers pour a glass of boiling water and warmed on a slow fire ten minutes. Then the solution is cooled, it is filtered and rubbed sore places or taken orally, diluted with 2/3 boiled water.

Chamomile is an excellent antiseptic, so when the tendency to dry the skin inflammation or the formation of acne it is used as the prophylactic and therapeutic compresses. To compress two spoons of flowers should be boiled in half a liter of water for twenty minutes.

In warm infusion of chamomile (it is per 100 g of water, warmed on a steam bath a quarter of an hour and leave to infuse for 12 hours, covered with a lid) dip cotton swabs and applied to the eyes with inflammation of the eyelids.

Tea teaspoon of chamomile flowers per one Cup), brewed in the teapot.

Medical-hygienic cream of chamomile to treat skin inflammations prepared with the addition of cream (50 g) vegetable or (2-3 teaspoons) oil. The butter melt in a water bath, add two yolks, two spoons of honey and 300 g of camphor alcohol. The mixture is triturated, pour a teaspoon of glycerin and a quarter Cup of chamomile infusion. The mixture was stirred until a homogeneous mass and use up to six months, keeping it in a tightly sealed glass container.

For disinfection of skin inflammation apply lotion. Composition: 200 ml of dry wine, 10 grams of dried flowers of chamomile, 5 ml of salicyl alcohol. All infused for five days, filtered. This composition wipe the sore place.

Advice 2: How to quickly reduce inflammation in the throat

Inflammation in the throat, regardless of its cause, is a process that cannot be ignored. Without competent medical intervention, the infection will spread to the ears, the sinuses and the lungs, which will lead to very serious consequences.
How to quickly reduce inflammation in the throat

The first symptoms of inflammation (difficulty swallowing, sore, stinging, redness and purulent plaque) should be to stop as quickly as possible. Before turning to the doctor you can do affordable and safe ways.

One of the most common methods – gargling. Use a solution of salt and baking soda (1 teaspoon per Cup of water). Sometimes it is advised to gargle in turn: first the soda solution, then saline. Enhance the efficiency of the method, a few drops of iodine added to the liquid.

Good reduce inflammation decoctions of chamomile, marigold, mint. To cook them you'll need 1 tsp. dry raw materials that must be filled with water and heated in a water bath for 15 minutes and then allow to cool to room temperature.

Of course, not all traditional methods to help reduce inflammation, moreover, some of them can only exacerbate the situation. For example, a very popular mixture of hot milk, butter and honey does not save a sore throat. A hot drink will only increase the inflammation and dairy products will contribute to excessive mucus production.

Unfortunately, none of the folk methods will not help to relieve the inflammation quickly enough, especially if the disease lasts long enough. To best cope with the problem, the patient may use a multifunctional drug that can stop the inflammatory process. Definitely one of the most effective means today – spray "Septolete®Plus".

First of all, this medicine has a powerful local analgesic effect, so the burning, irritation and sore throat that accompany the inflammatory process, stop immediately after the first application.

Treatment throat the usual traditional methods – a process long enough, while the spray "Septolete®Plusis able to cope with the inflammation in just a few days. Antiseptic contained in the spray that is effective against the most common viruses, pathogenic bacteria and fungi of the genus Candida. The sooner the patient will begin to use the spray "Septolete® Plus, the faster he will be able to cope with the inflammation in the throat and prevent the development of chronic stages of the disease.

Advice 3: How to remove inflammation of the kidneys

Hypothermia, hidden or infectious disease can cause pyelonephritis – inflammation of the kidneys. But since accurate diagnosis takes some time, you can use natural remedies that will help reduce inflammation and will not affect further medical treatment.
How to remove inflammation of the kidneys
You will need
  • - warmer;
  • Sol;
  • - chamomile, nettle or renal collecting;
  • - juice of potato, pumpkin or birch.
In acute inflammation of the kidneys, observe for possible bed rest. On the lower back apply a warm heating pad or the heated salt in the bag. Wrap the lower half of the abdomen woolen scarf. For the treatment of pyelonephritis, use of hand sanitizer, but be sure to combine them with diuretic herbs or drinks that enhance the filtration ability of the kidneys, thereby reducing their excretory function. During treatment, do not forget about diet.
As anti-inflammatory drugs use a variety of herbal teas. The most affordable and easy to prepare is chamomile. Steep 2 tbsp. of plants Cup of boiling water, wrap or cover with a tea towel, and use in the form of heat every hour. Alternate chamomile with other equally useful herbs or charges, for example, kidney (it can be purchased in the pharmacy). It combines herbs possessing anti-inflammatory and diuretic.
In addition to herbal concoctions to eliminate inflammation of the kidneys drink (in season) fresh birch juice (1 glass 3 times a day on an empty stomach), raw potato juice (0.5 cups in the morning on an empty stomach), pumpkin juice (half a Cup 1 time a day) and cranberry, cranberry fruit drinks and dried fruit compote.
In diet stick to vegetarian food, mostly without heat treatment. Include in the diet of gooseberries, sea buckthorn, strawberry, grapes, cranberries and cranberry. In season, eat lots of watermelons. Eat every day a few sweet apples. Eliminate all alcohol (of any kind), sour drinks as well as canned, pickled, spicy, fatty and fried foods.
To reduce the risk of re-inflammation of the kidneys do not forget about the cause of the disease. And it may be in infections of the urinary organs, chronic tonsillitis and even cavities.
How to treat inflammation of the kidneys? The treatment first consists in eliminating the causes of disease. In addition, you need to do antimicrobial therapy. She picked up on the basis of urine culture and determination of sensitivity of bacteria to antibiotics. There are a number of additional techniques how you can cure inflammation of the kidneys.
Useful advice
Fruit and vegetable diet also promotes the excretion of fluids from the body. Salt, on the contrary, retain water. It is important to monitor salt regime of his Desk. When the kidney treatment herbs no harm will daily consumption of watermelon several times a day. Boil for 5 minutes and infuse in a warm for 30 minutes. The bearberry treat inflammation of the renal pelvis, nephritis, edema of renal origin.
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