Due to the high content in the plant essential oils, resins, carotenoids, mucus and other useful components, chamomile has a beneficial effect on the entire body. It has the properties of soothing, disinfecting, anti-inflammatory and stimulates circulation.

External use

Chamomile is widely used as topically for the care of inflamed and problematic skin, and inside, to reduce inflammation.
Externally chamomile is used in the form of compresses. Decoction and infusion of chamomile washed inflamed eyelids, rinse your mouth and throat, is applied to frostbitten or burned out.

The anti-inflammatory property of chamomile are used in regenerative treatment of various diseases, from simple inflammation to chronic eczema.

Application inside

Inside the chamomile decoction taken for stomach problems, inflammation in the abdominal cavity. Chamomile tea is indicated for colds and sore throat.

The preparation of therapeutic agents

Decoction of chamomile prepared as follows: – two table spoon of dried flowers pour a glass of boiling water and warmed on a slow fire ten minutes. Then the solution is cooled, it is filtered and rubbed sore places or taken orally, diluted with 2/3 boiled water.

Chamomile is an excellent antiseptic, so when the tendency to dry the skin inflammation or the formation of acne it is used as the prophylactic and therapeutic compresses. To compress two spoons of flowers should be boiled in half a liter of water for twenty minutes.

In warm infusion of chamomile (it is per 100 g of water, warmed on a steam bath a quarter of an hour and leave to infuse for 12 hours, covered with a lid) dip cotton swabs and applied to the eyes with inflammation of the eyelids.

Tea teaspoon of chamomile flowers per one Cup), brewed in the teapot.

Medical-hygienic cream of chamomile to treat skin inflammations prepared with the addition of cream (50 g) vegetable or (2-3 teaspoons) oil. The butter melt in a water bath, add two yolks, two spoons of honey and 300 g of camphor alcohol. The mixture is triturated, pour a teaspoon of glycerin and a quarter Cup of chamomile infusion. The mixture was stirred until a homogeneous mass and use up to six months, keeping it in a tightly sealed glass container.

For disinfection of skin inflammation apply lotion. Composition: 200 ml of dry wine, 10 grams of dried flowers of chamomile, 5 ml of salicyl alcohol. All infused for five days, filtered. This composition wipe the sore place.