Viral intestinal infection, characterized by severe symptoms, is dangerous because it can cause even a small amount of virus only 10-100 virus particles is enough to have contracted. Such infection usually causes the whole epidemic, if its distribution in time does not take measures for isolation, and the people around him do not obey the rules of hygiene.
The main route of transmission of viral intestinal infections may be food, water or household contact. In the first case, the virus is spread by eating unwashed fruits and vegetables, in the second you can get infected by drinking unboiled water containing the virus. Contact-household method of transmission of intestinal infections are also quite common, because not everyone remembers how important it is to wash hands after contact with the patient, his linen and utensils or after visiting public places. The infected person is a danger to others especially in the first 48 hours after infection, but there are cases when the infected by contact-household way happened 2 weeks after the onset of the disease.
If intestinal infection caused by bacteria, the main mechanism of transmission is fecal-oral. This means that you can get sick by eating unwashed or expired products, unboiled water, not observing basic hygiene rules. Carriers of bacteria may be flies and rodents, so it is important not only to wash but also to expose questionable products to heat treatment. For example, Salmonella could be "caught" by drinking a raw egg on the surface of which contains a large number of these bacteria, because breeding for them is the feces of birds. Dysentery is transmitted, usually through unwashed fruits and vegetables, dirty hands.
To avoid infection of intestinal infection, before use, need to wash even those fruits and vegetables which you previously removed the skin – because viruses and bacteria can remain on the knife blade and your hands. Do not buy fruits and vegetables that have already begun to deteriorate, even if it's a small dent or a speck – this is the path through which can penetrate the infection. Don't try on markets notched products, do not purchase watermelons, of which "the sample" cut-out pieces of flesh. Eat only freshly prepared food, especially the salads, which are not heat treated. Buying perishable products in the store, be sure to monitor – has not passed the expiration date.