The purpose of the leased non-residential premises – garages – should be necessarily specified in the text of the Treaty. The object of the lease is an essential condition, without which the transaction may be declared null and void. Its detailed description should be given in the text of the Treaty or its Annex. The contract may be concluded in a simple written form and does not require notarization. But in the case where the lease specified in the contract exceeds 1 year, or when it is not included, this contract is subject to state registration.
Before signing the contract the landlord must provide the tenant with all the documents confirming its right to dispose of the garage. This may be evidence of ownership or a rental agreement, which must necessarily include the ability to transfer the garage in the sublease. In addition, the landlord should be required to provide documents confirming its authority to enter into such transactions – the passport, the power of attorney authorizing to act on behalf of natural or legal persons, notarized, if he acts on the representation.
An important document with the signature of the lease contract of the garage enclosed for a period less than 1 year, actually comes into force, is an act of acceptance of the garage. It should be possible to describe in detail the technical condition of the premises and to bring its quantitative and qualitative characteristics. The lessor should also present the receipt on payment of utility bills to the tenant subsequently had to pay the debt for them.
When the term of the lease of the garage is more than 1 year, in accordance with article 671-688 of the civil code, state registration of the transaction in territorial body rosreestra will need to submit a registration application, the lease of the garage in 3 copies, ID cards, tenant and landlord, power of attorney, if any of them operates on the representation. In addition, you will need to make the act of reception-transmission facilities of the garage, its cadastral passport and a payment document confirming that state duty for registration of the transaction paid.