Arrangement of a flower bed

According to Feng Shui, the main entrance to the house is a channel on which may come to the well-being and negative energy. Therefore, the main entrance should look attractive and harmonious. Located in front of the house flower garden certainly is a jewel. It fills the surrounding space and makes it harmonious. It's no accident that the beautification of the area in front of the house is the first thing that comes to mind in the spring or when moving to a new home. Front door with flower bed involuntarily conjures up thoughts of comfort, rest and relaxation. Flowerbed and the entrance needs to create an ensemble that matches the style of the surrounding territory. When making a flower bed in front of the house is invalid error. Because any little thing or necesitate will be evident not only to you but also your guests and neighbors. The bed should be such that even a casual passer-by wanted to stop and admire the flowers.

Tips on arrangement

In the front flower garden everything should be on the highest level. An indispensable condition for the organization of flower beds - the accuracy and consistency of forms. Flower garden, made in the form of geometric shapes, whether square, round or triangle, should be perfectly smooth. Choose for a bed of such plants that bloom at the same time and have a long flowering period. Of course, this bed can be created through skill and patience, and trial and error in terms of the selection of plants. On paper draw a sketch of the future flower bed, arrange for the size. Consider which colors will dominate in the garden. Usually the basis is green, bold purple, dark blue. Bright colors act as dominant (red, pink, orange). They definitely need to complement neutral colors: white, yellow, pale blue.

Make a flower garden of such flowers that do not require excessive care from early autumn to late spring. Otherwise, be prepared to give extra time and attention to the flowerbed. The rule for planting is this: in the middle (or in the background) planted the tallest plants, and the edges are like little flowers. This is not only apparent geometric harmony, but what is planted, so flowers will not be to obscure and oppress the smaller ones.

Monokoma and vertical flower garden

Monoclona only from the asters, peonies, roses or dahlias can also look chic. Besides, it will require less material and labor costs. Within the same plant species is often varied, so they are pleasing to the eye no less than the garden with different colors. Another advantage is the ability to plant perennial flowers (peonies for example) that will bloom from year to year.

If space in front of the house too little, smash a gorgeous flower garden you will help vertical flowerbed. To build it you need to take a screen, trellis. Will fit even a normal wall that can be nailed vases with flowers. The process of creating a vertical flower garden is very time-consuming, but it certainly is worth the effort.