To live at the expense of someone else is the first thing that comes to mind. If in your environment there are people who are ready to provide you, you can not work. However, this dependency has a number of significant limitations. First, your needs will be met to the extent sponsor deems necessary. Secondly, if a person is providing you will suddenly lose the ability or desire to do it, will cease and your carefree existence. And third, usually the one who pays your whims and needs, may consider himself entitled to expect from you a number of conditions, compliance with various kinds of restrictions, etc. Sometimes this life is "for free" becomes intolerable from a moral point of view.
You can live without working, if you have a disability – in this case, you will receive a pension. But, sadly, the size of disability pensions are quite modest, and usually, people who have a disability or receive financial support from relatives or a spouse, or are looking to increase your income.
If you have a free apartment (or even better – a few) or other property, you can live by renting it and getting money for it. If several apartments, pay for their rent may be an amount sufficient for a dignified existence. If the apartment one, you can try to increase revenue by providing its people for the long term, and rent. That is, in fact, turning into a kind of hotel. However, in this case, you will need to put the house in order after each guest, timely change and repair the appliances, upgrade the interior, to carry out other work for the beautification of the premises, and it is also a kind of work.
If you have a pretty impressive amount, of course, you can provide a comfortable existence for some time, until the money will be spent. And you can try to live on the interest from these funds, it is important to invest them successfully. Bank Deposit – this is not the best option: the interest on it is unlikely to be more than 12%, and to withdraw their money earlier than the stipulated contract period is over, you will be extremely profitable. Alternative to Bank contribution is investment of money in a mutual Fund (unit investment Fund) or remote control (asset management). However, in this case, you can't count on a guaranteed income, but to withdraw funds urgently can.
You can try to play the stock market. However, it is also a great risk and doubtful source of stable income. You are not immune from the element of surprise, and the market condition will not always be successful for your chosen trading strategy. Known happened when people tried to play the stock market, lost quite a lot of money not buying the result is nothing.
There is a category of people which lives by participation in different contests and lotteries. Indeed, in this way you can win money and things received as a prize, to use themselves or to sell. If you choose this life, it is guaranteed to be interesting and full of surprises, but peace and stability you hardly wait: it is impossible to predict whether fortune will turn to face you at the next draw, and to track all sorts of sweepstakes and contests, performing different kinds of conditions and creative tasks takes a lot of effort and time.
You can not work in the conventional sense of the word, combining the pleasant with the useful. In other words, if you have any hobby, if you wish, it is possible to turn it into a source of income. Of course, work still have, but it will not be a dull one "serving time" in the service and the activity that brings you pleasure.
You can cut your own needs to a minimum, to move to the countryside and live practically on subsistence farming: go to furnace heating, to abandon the use of electricity, have a garden, Pets and live, enjoying the fruits of their labor. Excess you can also try to sell in order to buy the necessary things that you will not be able to create or to without investment. But, of course, easy and carefree kind of life can not be called. You have to work, probably even more than during life in the city. The advantage is that you clearly will see the results of their efforts and, if desired, can try to abandon part of their needs in order to make your life easier.
And, finally, you can do spiritual practices and attain in this field of such a high level in order to stop needing food. So, the sun gazers claim that can be powered only by solar energy, and feel great. However, most experts tend to believe that the sun gazers somewhat disingenuous and his followers astray.