In cigarette smoke, which is inhaled by the smoker, contains poisonous substances. Some of them are carcinogenic and can cause cancer. Therefore Smoking is one of the most frequent causes of serious disease and premature death. People with nicotine dependence is distinguished not only health problems but also appearance. The hair loses luster and density, the skin loses its elasticity and its premature wrinkles, yellow teeth, breath smells unpleasant.

Experts believe nicotine is a drug that causes dependence. Smoking causes changes in the psyche and physical condition. Depending on the situation it can act a calming effect or cause cheerfulness. The body is formed the thrust to maintain a constant level of nicotine in the blood, so people who smoke regularly have a desire to take a cigarette.

The effects of Smoking are well known, thanks to medical research. It has a negative impact on the entire body and affects all organs. Special harm to the respiratory, digestive, nervous and cardiovascular systems.

This effect is due to the substances contained in tobacco smoke. When inhaled they get into the bloodstream and travels to all organs. Some diseases, especially lung and heart, heal is useless if the patient does not quit Smoking. The biggest dangers of smokers, cancer. Lung cancer is most often diagnosed in them. Second place belongs to cardiovascular diseases, the third – problems with the digestive tract.

Cardiovascular system

One cigarette you smoke increases the pulse rate by 20 beats, increases blood pressure. Substances contained in tobacco smoke, when injected into the blood cause vasoconstriction and an increase in the load on the heart muscle.

Nicotine has a stimulating effect, causing spasms of the smooth muscles. Blood vessels lose elasticity, resulting in increased blood pressure, developing hypertension and ischemia. Smokers have more frequent strokes.

Digestive system

When injected into the stomach, the substances in tobacco smoke irritate his mucous membranes, disrupt secretory function. You may receive an ulcer or gastritis, heartburn.

Harmful effects of Smoking

  1. As a result of Smoking blood is saturated with carbon dioxide instead of oxygen. Entering the brain, it can cause spasm of cerebral vessels. Carbon monoxide enters into an indissoluble connection with hemoglobin and reduces blood's ability to carry oxygen. Oxygen starvation of the brain and the cells also do not remain without consequences.
  2. During pregnancy with blood all harmful substances in tobacco smoke get the child. The consequences can be very different – a miscarriage, abnormal fetal development.
  3. Smokers often breaking limbs, because the bones they have more fragile. The recovery function is also broken, so the healing process longer.
  4. Smokers more often occur from complications of influenza, acute respiratory infections and sore throat. This is because the body is weakened, it is not strong enough to resist disease and recovery takes more time.

Myths about Smoking

  1. It is believed that Smoking cessation can cause obesity. But the reason of weight problems are most often excessive eating and a sedentary lifestyle.
  2. Many people think that light cigarettes contain less harmful substances. Smokers, switching to such cigarettes, usually try to do deep inhaling and longer to hold the smoke in their lungs. As a result of such Smoking carcinogens "better absorbed" by the body.
  3. Some believe that the harm Smoking has only to smokers, but will suffer and those who merely inhale cigarette smoke. With him in the body are Smoking all the harmful substances contained in tobacco. Health effects are the same as in active smokers.

Refusal addiction will allow you to live longer, reduce the likelihood of deadly diseases. Statistics show that smokers live 13 years less. Studies have revealed that more than half of smokers tried to quit the habit. But to do it yourself is possible only to those who have a strong will or motivation. Modern tools helped to part forever with devastating addictive to many people. Learn about these methods in detail on the site regardless.