What is different from a sore throat healthy?

To understand how sore throat, you need to know exactly how to look healthy. A healthy throat has a light pink color. The same color must be almond.

If you notice white patches, the increase of the tonsils or tubercles of a reddish-Burgundy color of the throat, and all this is accompanied by pain when swallowing – this can be a cause for concern. Redness of the throat is not considered a symptom of disease only if the person singing or screaming.

Is there a way to cure a sore throat?

Little who goes to the doctor, if sore throat. As a rule, all immediately run to the pharmacy, which sells lots of medications for sore throat. People buy something on the advice of a pharmacist and with quiet soul to go to work. Well, if you guessed the medication, and after a couple of days it became easier. But it happens the other way. People taking a course of expensive medications, and there is no improvement. He again goes into the pharmacy buys a drug, and the pain does not go away again. And it turns out that the money spent and time consumed unnecessary medications, and helped in the end, trivial inhalation or gargle. And all because the disease was not properly diagnosed.

There is no universal drug for the treatment of sore throat. Sore throat can be caused by viruses, bacteria or fungal infections. Each case needs special cure.

If you notice the redness of the throat, but the doctor still does not want to apply, start with a rinse decoction of herbs and sparing diet. From the diet temporarily to exclude rigid, sharp, cold and hot food. Do not take self medications, especially antibiotics! You can't know for sure, it will help you pills, but to cause allergies or damage the liver is possible.

If the sore throat is very strong, there are white patches on the tonsils , and all accompanied by high temperature – it may be angina or acute tonsillitis. In this case, the doctor can not do. Angina itself is not terrible, terrible its complications, e.g. inflammation of the kidneys or the heart muscle.

When a sore throat ignored the doctor's visit, explaining that the lack of time and busy. But, in fact, much more time and effort it will take to self-medication. Also, there are complications and infecting other people. Therefore, sore throat is a reason to visit the clinic and the way to avoid health problems.